Borderless September, 2020


Agron Shele, founder of Atunis, discusses his blog and anthology. Click here to read.


The Literary Fictionist :

Sunil Sharma, our columnist for fiction, takes us on a strange journey through the backstreets of Mumbai in A Stranger in the City. Click here to read.

Ghumi Stories: A Night too Long

Ghumi is an imaginary township located in the Chhota Nagpur plateau of Bihar in India created by writer Nabanita Sengupta. This story journeys back to 1984, to the anti-Sikh riots that broke out after the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Click here to read

How Blue is your Sapphire

Relive the terror of the 2008 Taj Mumbai attacks in this gripping nostalgic retelling by Bhavana Kunkalikar. Click here to read.

This Land of Ours

Shevlin Sebastian captures man’s relentless struggle against unsympathetic forces of nature. Click here to read.

Flash Fiction: The Carpet

What can be under a carpet? Niles M Reddick takes us on a journey of discovery in his amazing flash fiction. Click here to read.

Flash Fiction: Nameless

Bhumika R. explores a strange phenomenon in New Delhi. Click here to read.

Musings/Slice of Life

Musings of a Copywriter:

An Encounter With Snakes: Our non-fiction columnist, Devraj Singh Kalsi, amuses with his hilarious take on snakes and snake charmers in his home in a pre-COVID world. Click here to read.

Paper Trails

A nostalgic journey back into the past by Julian Matthews, set in Malaysia. Click here to read.

Lounging through Lucknow Lores

Nidhi Mishra takes us on a nostalgic journey through the syncretic elements of Lucknawi culture. Click here to read.

Vignettes of life: Unhurried at Haripur

Debraj Mookerjee journeys into the heart of rural Bengal. Click here to read.

The Corridors of the Mind

Anasuya Bhar journeys to her childhood recalling her experience of having an artists for a father. Click here to read.

Racism is not only an American Problem

Young Shivam Periwal shows how it seeps in large parts of the world outside. Click here to read.


What Use is It? Reading James Joyce in the 21st Century

Dustin Pickering argues that Joyce is what we need during this pandemic. Click here to read.

Republic of Rananim

An exploration of Utopian dreams by Sekhar Banerjee. Click here to read.

Cozies and Me: Adventures during the Pandemic

Soma Das takes us on a journey through a genre of books called cozies.


Click on the names to read.

Geetha Ravichandran, adi (Adithya Patil), Sakshi Srivastava, Srijith Raha, Chaitali Sengupta, Amita Ray, Matthew James Friday, Navneet K Maun, Adrian David, A.Jessie Michael, Melissa A. Chappell, Roopam Mishra, Anjali V.Raj, Wansoo Kim, King Komrabai Dumbuya, Nishi Pulugurtha

Penny Wilkes, Saranayan BV, Sambhu R.

Limericks by Vandana Dharni

Book Excerpt

Notes of Silent Times by Mahesh Paudyal. Click here to read.

Book Reviews

Meenakshi Malhotra reviews Love is not a word: The Culture and Politics of Desire, essays edited by Debotri Dhar. Click here to read.

Bhaskar Parichha reviews Understanding Kashmir and Kashmiris by Christopher Snedden. Click here to read.

Rakhi Dalal reviews Aysha Baqir’s Beyond the Fields. Click here to read.


Tagore’s Krishnokoli by translated by Rupa Chakravarti from Bengali to English. Click here to read

Sanket Mhatre‘s poems translated by Rochelle Potkar from Marathi to English. Click here to read.

Bina Theeng Tamang‘s poetry translated by Hem Bishwakaram from Nepali to English. Click here to read.

Aparajita Ghosh‘s story translated by Ratnottama Sengupta from Bengali to English. Click here to read.

Sara’s Selections

Click here to read writing of youngsters picked by Ms Sara.


Dreams that Flow… Click here to read

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