Humour Poetry


By Vandita Dharni

     There once lived a frisky pesky lizard,

     Who eloped with her lover in a blizzard.

     They soon caught the flu

     And sneezed an entire zoo

     Until they were beaten blue by a wizard.

My stomach inflates like bubblegum

Leaving me in a strange conundrum.

It mutters and mumbles.

 It gripes and grumbles.

Like missiles bursting in a drum.

A fly sat upon my cherry round nose

It sunk its fangs and a red lump arose

I scratched and darted

I almost looked retarded

but where it bit me, I can’t disclose.

A vagabond wore a long beard

from the Alps to places unheard

as its length and fame grew

people from all corners flew

soon he became a saint revered.

Vandita Dharni is an acclaimed poet, scholar and a gold medalist from the University of Allahabad. Thereafter, she got a Ph.D.  degree in American Literature from the same University. Her articles, poems and stories have been published in journals like Criterion, Ruminations, GNOSIS, HellBound Publishing House and International magazines like Immagine and Poessia, Synchronised Chaos, Sipay, Fasihi and Guido Gozzano. She has published three anthologies.

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