Nostalgia Poetry

Songs of Seasons

By Amita Ray

Mahua Tree
Spring Revisited

Memories barge in wayward spree of renewal

tipsy with fragrance of Mahua

wrapped in indolent leisure

i inhale spring at sunset’s brink.

Palash Tree

The Palash tinged days, hyphenated silence

scroll down in ebullient patches,

a distant cuckoo’s note

overpowers a grove of Neverland

diffusing vignettes of joy

in constant ebb and flow—

the sprawling backyard of my eyes enlivens

stealing shades from pristine palette.


          The spring in me lives

       a framed glow of Gulmohar


Gulmohar Tree

*Mahua : An Indian tree which has nectar rich flowers blooming in spring from which an alcoholic drink is made.

*Palash, Gulmohar: Trees with blooms of red and orange respectively.

A Monsoon Song

A day long pitter patters on my window pane

alternate cascading torrents battering down

occasional lulls,

a ‘plop’ here,

a ‘splash’ there,

a perfect diurnal sonata.


Night descends, darkness looms

the rain hums a mild cadence at midnight

in keeping with rhythms

‘chirp chirp’

‘croak croak’–

drunk in nonstop sedative I tip toe

reach the riverbank

my paper boat anchored

the river in spate

long washed away a childhood

in deluge of tear ravaged survival.


 Amita Ray is a former associate professor in English based in Kolkata.  An academic of varied interests she is a published translator, short story writer and poet. She has two books of translations to her credit.  Her short stories have been published in The Sunday Statesman, Cafe Dissensus, Setu and other on line magazines. A collection of her short stories is due to be published soon. Her poems have been widely published and  featured in anthologies. 



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