Poetry from Nepal

By Bina Theeng Tamang and translated by Hem Bishwakarma

Bina Theeng Tamang

My Father

Ere yesterday,

I could not see my father

He turned up—

While I had been to collect the sun


For the second chance,

He turned up at daytime, yesterday

Oh! I’m sorry, I could not see him

For I went out

To seek a morsel of food



He will turn up this evening

Yet, I am walking out to reap the time

I know, I would not see him yet again


My father had to take me

To a hospital

Lifting a spiky sun on his head

Along the bank of the Rapti River


I am here —

Showcased as a city-marionette

Grasped by a lollypop so tight


He used to look into the sky

With a deep sigh!

I used to look at the city


He used to ask briskly

Groping money —

Earned selling the Kulfi

“Which did you like, dear?”


He used to laugh

With the face shattered by helplessness;

And the chest stroked by fate

Then he would say,

“You are my heart

How would I live heartbroken?”


After four to five years of his avowal

He let his heart

To a strange person


He is unwell nowadays


He comes to see a piece of his heart


How would he know?

For seeking a mouthful bread

Sometimes for collecting the sun

And frequently to reap the time

The Heart rushes ever

In the marathon of life


We may not see each other

In the next visit, too!


Bina Theeng Tamang is a writer from Kathmandu. She is an author of two books, Chhuki, a story collection and Rato Ghar, a poem collection. She is an awardee of different Nepali awards.

Hem Bishwakarma is a writer and translator from Nepal. He has poetry and short stories translations, and poems in Nepali and English published to his credit. He mostly works on Nepali-English translations.



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