Humour Poetry

Thank God!

By Saranyan BV

Thank God!

The world record for long jump is long,
Quite long, thank God,
Mike Powell is holding that record,
It was in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.
That was way back in 1991,
30th August to be precise, the jump was not wind aided
It was told, please google and check for yourself.

Before that Bob Beamon from US held that claim,
Bob, good old Mike’s compatriot at Mexico in 1968,
I didn’t check the date, excuse me.

The former jumped 8.95 feet,
The latter had cleared 8.9,
We saw Bob do the jump in the news reels in 68
And wondered how the ligaments never tore,
Ligaments connecting the legs; it’s a cruel to think of it.

By the time Mike came with spikes on, TVs were on,
The telecasts kept showing Mike,
Thank God, we came to know these things do not happen,
The tearing of ligaments.

For your records no one jumped that long since,
8.95, thank God my friend,
Not even virus,
They say Covid can jump mere 6 feet. At most!
Stay apart, thank God, thank God!
Stay apart is a better way to say than the boorish phrase,
Social distancing, how drab!
Covid doesn’t have running track that long,
Like athletes have in the run up to jump pit-
But beware, lungs muster that kind of force,
No changes in measuring tape or measurement unit since
Thank God

Saranyan BV is poet and short-story writer, now based out of Bangalore. He came into the realm of literature by mistake, but he loves being there. His works have been published in many Indian and Asian journals. He loves works of Raymond Carver.



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