Racism is not only an American Problem

Teenager Shivam Periwal from Kolkata writes about the recent protests and why there is a lesson for all of us.

Many years ago, the world saw mass bloodshed unravel in the form of world wars. Many people died fighting with other countries for equality, but they were oblivious to the morbid reality of their own country which saw an uproar in mercenaries killing the civilians. 

The thing that they didn’t take into account was the harm that would fall upon their own country. It could cause deaths and unlimited sacrifices. The rich would get richer and the poor would become poorer. 

Years before that, the world saw an increase in slavery as African Americans were oppressed and forced into becoming slaves for the rich, in order to prevent their children from sleeping on a hungry stomach. 

There came a day when the African Americans had had enough and began their journey to freedom. People who were victims of racism wanted just one thing, justice. Everybody was scared and there was nothing one could do. You could either take part in the protest or stay inside your house under the bed or in some sort of bunker. Stores were broken into and small businesses were affected greatly.  

One day all that vanished, when the innocent people who didn’t want war, took a stand. The merciless war ended and unity started to grow. There was  harmony and brotherhood and now people started to think about others. People of all color, caste and creed were treated as equals. 

Now again, the issue has come up due with the recent case of George Floyd who was killed brutally in the US by the police, because of his colour. 

As a teenager it makes me sad to see the unjust killings in every nook and corner of the world. 

The worst affected would be the children learning about racism and its disadvantages. They would feel sorry for this world. And deep down in their hearts they would get the feeling that someday at any given point of time, they might suffer because of racism too.

Instead of having conversations about happy memories, parents have to tell their kids how to protect themselves if they are targeted because of their colour. This can discourage the children and make them feel scared and insecure within themselves.

I write about it today because this is a world issue, not just an American one. 

It is relevant to India too because after all we are a diverse country and despite our differences, of colour, religion, language and caste,  we all have to live together and in harmony at the end of the day.

We have to stay united and beat racism to its deepest core or else it would change the future of this world.

First published in Bookosmia



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