Final Call…Sold!

By Anjali V Raj


I am to be traded shortly…

To the best bidder at the auction

Wrapped up in shining foil

To hide my charred interior

My smile battling with disgust.

I am to be traded shortly…

Sold to the kingdom of matrimony

In exchange of earthly satisfaction

The reward for fulfilment of duty

Bestowed to them by the society

Oh… it’s far from what I gain.

My wings of thoughts will be seized

Leaving behind a mere piece of flesh

Confined within the walls darkness

Gasping dearly for a slant of light.

I will cherish the countable moments

When still having a little voice left

Until restrained with chains of duty

But what am I to do with the voice?

For they are bound to the many

Obligations and moral congregation.

My conscience and heart drifts apart

Swaying in two different direction

Both with no definite destination

Leaving me languid and senseless.

I cower at the glimpse of future

Like a child at the sight of shadows

Fiercely magnifying as I retreat away

Trying to save myself from humiliation.

Rescue me… my unknown lover

For I loathe every known mortal being

I will wait with utmost hope until

Last seconds between ‘final call’ and ‘sold’

For my redemption from this endless abyss

Or convince me… my beliefs are at wrong

Else I will be claimed by moral depravity.


Anjali V Raj is a natural science researcher from Kerala, India. She currently works as a research assistant at ATREE, an Environmental think tank in Bangalore. She writes poems and short essays based on her thoughts cultivated from observations of nature, lifestyle and society. She started literary writing at the age of 16 and recently she has published few of her works in the Down to Earth, Café Dissensus Everyday and Times of India Reader’s Blog. Most of her poems are published in her personal blog in WordPress (Outburst of Thoughts).


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