Borderless October, 2020


Teresa Rehman, an award-winning journalist, speaks of her journalistic journey. Click here to read.

Santosh Bakaya, an academic and writer who has written a book on Gandhi in verse, speaks of Gandhi and Gandhian beliefs. Click here to read.


The Literary Fictionist

Sunil Sharma travels through pages of a classic with ease and aplomb demystifying literary lore to unravel the identity of a man that never was in his story, In Search of Lewis Carroll. Click here to read.

Ghumi Stories: Table Tale

Nabanita Sengupta gives us a glimpse of life in a sleepy little town, long before social-distancing set in. Click here to read

When Bapu met MLK Jr…

Santosh Bakaya takes us on a journey among clouds and chirruping birds. Click here to read.

The God’s Choice Awards 2065

A spoof by Dustin Pickering. What happens when the President of America is woken out of cryogenic slumber in the year 2065? Click here to read.

Taxi Rides

What could a taxi and a fifty year old woman have in common? Click here to find out by reading Avijit Roy‘s story.

The Girl on the Train

A touching flash fiction by Mehak Nain. Click here to read.

A Family Tragedy

A strange telling against the backdrop of 9/11 attack in New York by Nibras Malik. Click here to read this flash fiction.

Mysteries of the Night

A spooky flash fiction by Vandita Dharni… perfect for Halloween nights! Click here to read.


The Musings of a Copywriter

A Story of Attachments 

Devraj Singh Kalsi in his typical part humorous and poignant style travels down his memory lane. Click here to read

Bapu Walked Here

A thoughtful walk down the memory lane with the shades of Bapu influencing the author, Lina Krishnan. Click here to read.

Travels with Gandhi

Dr. Nishi Pulugurtha meanders through the passages of Aga Khan Palace in Pune, where Gandhi had been imprisoned, and wonders… Click here to read.


Gandhi — an enduring vision — and those spectacles

 Keith Lyons applauds the Mahatma from New Zealand. Click here to read.

Without Protest : On the meaning of Searching for Truth

Dustin Pickering applies Satyagraha to US protests after reading My Experiments with Truth. Click here to read.

‘If humanity is to progress, Gandhi is inescapable’

Rakhi Dalal says it all through this quotation of Martin Luther King Jr. Click here to read.


Click on the names of the poets to read

Dr Piku Chowdhury, Milan Mondal, Navneet K Maun, Dr Laksmisree Banerjee, Soumik De, Wansoo Kim, Shyamolima Saikia, Nabina Das, Ihlwha Choi, Eui Joong Kim, Nirmal Kumar Thapa, Aminath Neena, Ashok Suri, Gopal Lahiri

Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Book Excerpt

Rhys Hughes introduces us to the delights of doodling poetry in his new book with a name that I would not dare to pronounce, Corybantic Fulgours. Click here to see his creations.


India Dissents: Edited by Ashok Vajpeyi, reviewed by Debraj Mookerjee who finds, ‘To read India Dissents is in a way therefore an attempt to try and rediscover India’s soul.’ Click here to read.

Gandhi & Aesthetics : Edited by Tridip Suhrud, the nine essays are a fitting tribute to the inventive beauty of Gandhiji and its wide-ranging applicability in present-day society… says reviewer Bhaskar Parichha. Click here to read.

Review of Santosh Bakaya’s Ballad of Bapu by Moinak Dutta. Click here to read.

Nivedita Sen‘s review of Sukumar Ray‘s Habber Jabber Law translated by Arunava Sinha. How non-nonsensical are the nonsense verses of Sukumar Ray and has it been lost in translation? Click here to read.


Abhagi’s Heaven, a poignant story by Saratchandra Chattopadhyay translated by Sahitya Akademi winner Aruna Chakravarti. Click here to read.

An Eternal Void, a Balochi story by Munir Ahmed Badini translated by Fazal Baloch. Click here to read.

From the conflict ridden state of Kashmir, Rayees Ahmed writes of hope and restoration of peace. He translates his own poem, Ab tak Toofan or The Storm that Rages, from Urdu to English. Click here to read.

An Entreaty written by Hem Bishwakarma, translated from Nepali by the poet himself. Click here to read

Ms Sara’s Selections

Our young people’s section hosted by Bookosmia. Click here to read.


The Heart of Non-violence by Mitali Chakravarty. Click here to read

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