The Storm that Rages

From the conflict ridden state of Kashmir, Rayees Ahmed writes of hope and restoration of peace. He translates his own poem, Ab tak Toofan, from Urdu to English. 

Neither this torrential rain has the will to stop

Nor the monsoon sky has the will to light up this darkness!


God only knows what happened to the skies,

That breaks and explodes on us!

Maybe the sky is bleeding and wailing in agony,

As the Earth is clutched by the claws of oppression


Is this the end?

Perhaps there may be another tempest broiling.

Yes, I could see this droplet of rain encapsulating the Psalms of freedom

Neither does this rain want to stop.

Nor the sky light up to burn this darkness.


This will not stop!

How on Earth will this mayhem stop?

When innocents were killed and buried under mountains,

And the grass blanketed the pain and cries choked inside the soil

The Earth was bloodied with murder and arson! 

From that wetness of blood bloom new voices.

Voices of wisdom and humanity will resonate freedom,

new slogans of humanness will echo through the mountains.


Yes the mother Earth  nurtures us with her milky dews,

The trees wait to witness the secret moves

Of a whirlwind that brawls faraway!

The time will stop when doomsday arrives,

Yes I know this rain will bring back a Hurricane…


The thunderous clouds looming over with war-cry!

Yes this thwarting rain is bringing back the storm

And will wash away the pain and bloodshed,

uncover, and unveiling the nameless tombs and free the souls.


Yes, these Dark clouds will clear up for a new Dawn

Yes, this New sky of Freedom will prevail Peace

the new sky will bring warmth of Hope and Life.


Rayees Ahmad is a budding writer and poet from Kashmir. He has bachelor’s in mass communication and masters in Peace and Conflict Studies. He hopes to add a new colour to Kashmir and the conflict it faces through his poetry. He has written many poems and articles on the Kashmiri diaspora. 



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