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Sara’s Selections, November 2020


We waft across the seas singing a happy song with the breeze! What a lovely world it is full of colour and festivities! Festivals from all over the world hop into this page — festivals through October and November. The fabulous Ms Sara will flit around the world on a festive spree through Deepavali, Durga Puja and Halloween and stories and writing around them.

Thank you for the lovely introduction. Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here!  What a time of the year, for celebrations ! We will start with the one closest. Diwali or Deepavali, the festival of lights.


Eight year old Nirav Prakash from Kolkata shares his excitement for this amazing festival, in both words and pictures.

Bright And Booming!

Oh this is a beautiful festival of lights,
On this day, all friends and relatives unite.
We eat chocolates and sweetmeats with delight,
Decorate each corner with lamps and candle lights.
And enjoy firework all through the night,
I love Diwali, the festival of light.

I am a firecracker, I go “Boom,”
After making a mess, mother needs to broom,
My uncle loves me the most, who will soon be a groom.
I burst high up in the sky with the sound kaboom,
And my pet hides like a cartoon in my room,
I am a firecracker, I love to “Boom!”

Ibrahim Abdulkader likes to play table tennis and loves playing with his NERF guns and doing nerfwar with friends.

Oh ! I Cannot Wait For Diwali 

Diwali is the festival of lights
No dark nights , everywhere it is bright
Sparkles, crackers and fireworks at height
Brightens our hearts and souls with delight.


Colourful new clothes we all wear
Girls with pony tails and decorated hair
Diyas I light, to decorate the windows and doors
Mom makes a beautiful rangoli to adorn the floor.


No darkness and evil fills the night
Happiness shines with all its might
Think of those who know not what it is to enjoy
Together we can fill their hearts with lots of joy.


Oh ! I cannot wait for Diwali
Wishing everyone a Happy Diwali .

While Durga Pooja was celebrated last month, nine year old Sruthika Murali from Kerala shared this creative poem on what would happen if Durga were to come alive.

Sruthika is an ardent reader and quite imaginative. She jots down few lines once in a while in her diary. She likes to observe things around us.

When Durga Comes Alive…

When Durga comes alive,

She will kill the evil ones and give us peace.

When Durga comes alive,

The trees will shiver and the floor will shake.


When Durga comes alive,

She will be strong and very big,


But really she is calm and quiet.

When Durga comes alive,

We should join our hands and pray.

And now Halloween, which was different this year because of the lockdown. But we had friends who could spook us out with their stories and poems! Nine year old Arunava Sengupta from Delhi, is doing just that. All set?

Arunava Sengupta enjoys reading books, painting, singing, playing cricket,  badminton, cycling and watching TV. He goes to Manava Bharati India International School, Delhi and is a student of Jabberwocky Speech and Drama

What A Spooky, Spooky Night!

On a dark and spooky night,
This day, everyone gets a FRIGHT!!
Your lights are blinking, is it a shock?
Oh, what a spooky, spooky night.


A little rumble, a little creak
Your muscles are missing! You are weak!
A light is shining , it is so very bright
Oh, what a spooky, spooky night!


Your door is banging! Somebody’s knocking!
Your lock is stuck, preventing you from opening!
A log was brought! The door was down!
Why it was me, dressed as a hound!


“Mom!” I said. “I loved the outing!”
“Now I’ll go to bed.
Tomorrow is Halloween! I need some rest.”


So he slept. His mask was beside him.
He’ll be bright the next day. Not dim.


And now we bring you stories around these festivals. Here is one by twelve year old Vania from Kolkata keeping our spirits high in the Durga Pooja festival, with her fantastic tale! 

Vania is a student of Modern High School For Girls, Kolkata. She is an avid reader and loves writing. During this lockdown, she has also published two books on Amazon Kindle.

Warrior Durga AKA The Female Alpha

Adorned with gold accessories, I leaped down to earth on my beloved pet lion, ten weapons in my ten hands — each weapon symbolising a different trait — the sword for wisdom, trident for peace and so on.

But…. silence greeted me. No one was out! There was no hustle bustle of the  early Puja crowd and not even the cawing of a crow.

Something had to be done, I decided. I called together a meeting.

“We need to do something about this virus,” said Lord Brahma.

“I will make the oceans churn and froth till then,” Lord Indra claimed.

“And I will make it rain,” said Lord Indra.

“No, no! That will ruin the humans’ life even more!” objected Parvati.

“What shall we do? Without making people miserable?” Lord Shiva added as an afterthought.

I fiddled with my arrow. It had been more than half a year since this  coronavirus had entered the humans’ life, inflicting damage and misery all around.

And worse? Durga Puja, my festival was just around the corner!  Durga Puja is supposed to be a time of strength, joy and unity. Not a time of sadness and torture!

And even worse? Brahma, Vishnu, Shakti, Shani, Indra — all had tried. But they failed.

“We’ve got to put an end to this,” I agreed.

“How Durga? You can’t kill a virus with your trishul!” Vishnu, my brother said.

It was true — but if Mahishasura could be killed, then why couldn’t this virus?

“What if we do it together? It might be possible then..,” I suggested.

“Yes… I agree. We should give it a try..” Saraswati said.

Slowly the Gods rose up from their thrones. I knew then that coronavirus would have to look out now.


Here is 12 year old Suhani Khemka taking us back to an exciting time, when she organised a Halloween party with friends.

How My Own Halloween Party Spooked Me! 

We stood behind the wall waiting for her to come and hoping that our plan  would work out flawlessly. My friend, Scarlett got so frightened on hearing the  name of ghosts that her heart missed a beat. My  friends and I knew how to take full advantage of this.

We had made an ingenious plan which we thought would succeed. We had completely used up our brains in preparing everything needed for our master plan to run smoothly. We stitched white cloth until it was perfect as costumes for ghosts.

The next thing we did, was call Scarlett, coaxing her to come over to my house  for a Halloween party which was difficult due to her disrelish for the festival.  With everything set, we were full of excitement and waited to get a nice chortle the next day.

On Halloween’s day, my friend and I stood behind the wall in our own stitched ghost costumes with the lights switched off. We lit candles and waited — waiting for Scarlett’s footsteps to approach. There was a sound. We played the spooky music and slowly shook from side to side, back to front, trying to whoosh the way we had practiced.

Not hearing any yell, we picked up a candle up to see who it was. On the sight of a black ghost, my friend and I squealed as a chill ran down our spine, until someone turned on the lights. From beneath the black costume, Scarlett and my mother revealed themselves.

A rib-tickling scene it was for my mother, who had heard our plan and played  the prank back on us. Scarlett was on cloud nine laughing, whereas we with  our heads down, went out of the room exasperated. The events of the day  made us pledge not play such a prank again when adults are around.

Six year old Parva Patel from Ahmedabad has a wonderful story that underlines not every dracula is bad. Here is a interesting take on the classic tales.

Dracula Prince and Rapunzel

Somewhere in the middle of long long ago, there was a Dracula Kingdom and it was ruled by a very cruel king.

But there was a ray of hope in the kingdom when the Queen gave birth to a  son. They called him Blade.

Years later, when Blade was trying to visit human land, the king tried to stop his son. He said, “Never go into the human world because they are clever and  can betray you, like I was betrayed once.”

But instead of listening to his father Blade went into the human world because  he was mischievous. He climbed up an old tree to see the view of the human  land. And just while getting down, he fell down but his fangs got stuck in the  branch of the tree. He was crying for help and just then a brave girl who was hunting in the forest, heard his voice. She was the brave princess of human  land.

Her name was Rapunzel.

She was shocked to see a dracula. But she decided to help him. She  immediately saved him and told him that his father was wrong. All humans are  not bad just like all draculas are not bad.

So Blade went to his dad and told him about what had happened in the forest.

The king understood and said that he wanted to meet Rapunzel. When  Rapunzel came to Dracula Kingdom, the king and queen thanked her for  saving their son’s life. The king also said sorry for hurting humans and  misunderstanding them.

Blade and Rapunzel became best friends and helped draculas and humans  whenever they were in trouble.


Dusshera celebrates the victory of Ram over Ravan, symbolic of evil. Seven year old Darshali Agarwal from Bhilwara, Rajasthan remembers the excitement that entails Dusshera for many parts of the country- watching Ram Lila, burning of giant effigy of Ravana, enjoying the fare in massive grounds, and a very important lesson for us.

Darshali Agarwal is a 7 year old girl with an ever smiling face. She loves to read and listen to bedtime stories.

Why I Love Dusshera

I love Dusshera because it is a very exciting festival.On this day, I get to see a very big statue of Ravana in a big ground. He looks so beautiful decorated with colourful papers and glitters. Most amazing thing is his ten heads.

Wow, a man with ten heads!

On this day, I enjoy the fun fair with my family. And I really jump with joy when Ravana burns and the crackers pop out of it.

Sorry Ravana. We burn you. But my mom told me that one has to pay for their wrong deeds. It is not just you, but a message to burn all the bad thoughts inside us.Thank you dear King of Lanka, because of you, we enjoy a fun filled day called Dusshera. Also it makes us all think, even if for a day, about how we can let go of the bad in us.

Effigy of Ravana burning and exploding with sparklers. Courtesy: Wiki

6 year old Shreyansh Desai from Vadodara shares this sweet write up about what Diwali celebrations in his family are like. He is a student of Cygnus World School, Vadodara.

Oh, The Excitement Around Diwali Vacations!

Diwali  is my favorite festival.

Somethings around us change around Diwali season like cold weather, clouds  and not to forget the excitement around Diwali vacations.

Houses are decorated with colourful lights, candles and diya. We start  shopping for new clothes and fire works. We go to Dahod, Gujarat to meet and celebrate Diwali with my grandparents.. My cousins and I enjoy together during Diwali break.

Delicious food, fire works and family fun are all about Diwali. How can I forget to mention Diwali homework?

This time is a bit different. We will not meet all relatives and go to the temple, due to corona but this time we spread love.

Happy Diwali and Thanksgiving from Sara and her friends! Enjoy the festivals in a new, different way this year… Adieu till next time.

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