Borderless, November 2020


The Witch, a short story by renowned Bengali writer Tarasankar Bandopadhyay (1898 to 1971), translated by Aruna Chakravarti. Click here to read.

Doubt, A poem by award winning and popular poet Avaya Shrestha, translated from Nepali by Haris C Adhikari. Click here to read.


Click on the names to read the poems:

John Grey, Nayonika, Scott Thomas Outlar, Pranjulaa Singh, Milan Mondal, Hema Ravi, Dr Piku Chowdhury, Kaikasi V .S., Kashiana Singh, Saranyan BV, Rhys Hughes, Robin Wyatt Dunn, Anita Nahal, Fizza Saeed, Gauri Mishra, Navneet K Maun, Adrian David, Gopal Lahiri, Smitha Vishwanath, Aminath Neena.


Rhy Hughes, Vatsala Radhakeesoon, Penny Wilkes


Musings of a Copywriter

Encounters with my Tenants by Devraj Singh Kalsi is a humorous take, almost a la Bollywood style, on what landlords face from aggressive tenants. Click here to read.

Of Cats, Classes, Work and Rest

Nishi Pulugurtha takes a look at lecturing classes in the past and the present with some gumballing kittens for distraction. Click here to read.

The Essential Pujo

Dr Anasuya Bhar takes us on a nostalgic journey of what was the spirit of the Durga puja — a community event. Click here to read.

Me and James Joyce in Trieste

Mike Smith makes a trip to Trieste to photograph himself with a favourite author… And then? Click here to read.

Blade of Grass: A Lesson Learnt

“Is this pandemic a pre-planned act of Nature? Is this outbreak to make us comprehend that human organism is not the most all-powerful species on Earth?” Click here to read DR D V Raghuvamsi’s musings.


Durga: Iconography, Discourse and Counter-Discourse

Arindam Roy discusses the evolution of the goddess at the intersection of history, politics and religion. Click here to read.

How a Dark Goddess Lights up a Fallen World

Dr Meenakshi Malhotra delves into the relevance, history and iconography of Kali as we draw nearer the date of Diwali and Kali Puja. Click here to read

Cancel Culture and Indian Intelligensia
Pratyusha Pramanik
, a researcher in Humanistic Studies, explores the impact of a desire to cancel out people from social media. Click here to read.


The Literary Fictionist

In the Shadow of the Nataraja: A Kinship takes the readers on a journey through Ellora, Rio de Janerio, Rome, Jerusalem and even Manchester United till Sunil Sharma  finds answers of a different kind. Click here to read.

The Silhouette

A gripping short story by Sohana Manzoor from Bangladesh. Click here to read.


Chaitali Sengupta explores the clash of cultures in a poignant telling. Click here to read

The Cartographer

Praniti Gulyani unravels the story of a birth during a riot. Click here to read.

Ghumi Stories: At Par in the Pandemic

Nabanita Sengupta explores the impact of COVID19 in the small town of Ghumi. Click here to read

Book Excerpt

The Birth of The Chronicler of the Hooghly by Shakti Ghosal takes us back to the start of a colonial Durga Puja. Click here to read.

Book Reviews

Lastbench, anthologised protest poetry from America reviewed by Candice Louisa Daquin. Click here to read.

Prescription of Civilization by Wansoo Kim, poetry from Korea reviewed by Dustin Pickering. Click here to read.

A Plate of White Marble by Bani Basu, translated from Bengali to English by Nandini Guha, reviewed by Bhaskar Parichha. Click here to read.


Sunil Sharma, writer, academic, critic and editor of the online journal SETU, takes us on an exploration of his well known e magazine. Click here to read.

Aysha Baqir, a writer who has successfully empowered many underprivileged women in Pakistan, on her journey as a development personnel and novelist. Click here to read.

Sara’s Selections:

Our young people’s section hosted by Bookosmia. Click here to read.


Hope in the Future. Click here to read…

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