Gaia Breathes Again


            By Kaikasi V .S.    


The bridal bouquets extended their arms to the surreal patches of evening

Blended with a bounteous passion of Autumn

Meanwhile the leaves laden lands cuddled in the passionate embrace of –

A fragrant breeze

Jacarandas proudly display their purple blooms

Blanketing the stone-laden, abandoned palace of worship

The meadow leaves its coyness

Only to set ablaze the labyrinths of green pathways

Myriad hues paint the ‘Goldilocks’ as they used to call her—

Even as the last human has left the final chemical signature behind!

Behold the gorges, the mountainous terrains and the caves of hounds

Swarming with the inheritors of the soil,

Crawling and creeping millions

Even as the pupa awaits its most exciting phase

The festive season of the planet heralds the resurrection of maggots

While the land sings praise of a forgotten eon

Ice-sheets have already taken the cue to trace their way to their spotless abode

As magpies and blue jays greet each other holding fresh olives in their beaks

Squabbling sparrows forget their fights as the grains lay scattered

In fields where machines used to dictate the measurements a meal

Squirrels have forgotten the act of hoarding

Heaving sighs of relief at the sight of rusting pieces of snare

Forests adorn with wild flowers

That await the fresh kiss of untainted dewdrops

And here, the last sapling has sprouted

From the dishevelled tree trunks

From the last block of an abandoned civilization

No one heeds for entreaties

Borders or hoardings that reads—

No-Man’s -Land

Gaia Breathes Again!

  KaikasiV.S. is presently working as Asst. Professor of English, University College, Thiruvananthapuram. She has published a number of articles in the field of literature, sociology and film studies. Her area of research is Indian Mythology and is equally interested in translating literary works in her mother tongue to English. She is also an accomplished creative writer and bi-lingual translator whose poems have appeared in several national and international anthologies including ‘The Poetry of Flowers’ and ‘Mytho Madan’. She has also contributed to ‘Indian Literature’, the bi-monthly journal published by Sahithya Akademi.



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