Lingering Sounds and Scents…

By Hema Ravi

Grandma’s house resonates with distinct sounds and scents

of agarbathis* and aromatic spice(s)

In gleaming tins and porcelain jars the contents

were stored, hand-pounded by grandma, all in a trice.

The ‘clang’ on the brass filter ere decoction fresh

added to creamy milk with aroma pleasant

for heavenly ‘kaapi*’ to start each day afresh

Tumblers filled and emptied, brought smiles effervescent.


While grandma meditated with large pots and pans

Grandpa pored over religious texts for long hours

Our play would halt when we had to wash feet and hands

In prayer we stood; to deities, offered flowers.

In that easy chair sat Grandpa under the large neem

post the sumptuous dinner, it was story-time.

As the full moon in the sky continued to beam

We sat all eyes and ears, until it was bedtime.


Guavas and mangoes have gone; neem tree’s survived

Continues to invite the parakeets and crows

ammi and aattukkal* shelved when the mixer arrived

What happened to the assortment of pans, God knows!

The memories lie frozen in pictures of the past.

Now trendy, the large mansion does have its appeal

Technology had cast its spell on all too fast.

Progeny elated — they have got a square deal!


*Agarbathis: joss sticks used in prayer.

*Ammi, aattukkal: grinding stone

*kaapi: Cofee


Hema Ravi is a poet, author, reviewer, editor (Efflorescence), resource person and independent researcher. Her writings have been featured in several online and international print journals, notable among them being the Metverse Muse, Amaravati Poetic Prism, International Writers Journal (USA), Culture and Quest (ISISAR).  She is a freelancer for IELTS and Communicative English.



2 replies on “Lingering Sounds and Scents…”

Past leaves it’s imprint on all of us. Beautifully brought out by Hema ! As we age we think of the days gone by with the joint family and remember the happy times spent !

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