Have you got a window?

By Gracy Samjetsabam

Have you got a window?
That window …
To your dreams
To your world
To yourself
To you!

You all know that window —
That takes you to places you want to be,
That helps you see the beautiful, wondrous things,
That is the bridge, the string,
To Nature and to your Nature.

We all have that favourite spot —
That favourite view.
Sometimes … it’s –
A foggy day, 
A rainy day,
A translucent day,
Or, an opaque day.

Remember …
You just have to reach out.
Clear the fog, the mist,
And wipe the charcoal film –
Swipe it, sweep it, wipe it.
Till you can see –
The light; the green, the red, and all.
The frame isn’t complete –
Without the onlooker.

There isn’t beauty –
Without the appreciator.
Have you got that window?
That window …
That window to the Beauty,
Your kind of beauty.

That window to the Nature,
That is yours!
Have you got the window?
The window that is yours.
Remember …
We all have one.

It can appear and disappear,
It depends on the atmosphere of the day.
Remember —
You are the portal keeper.
Only you have the magic —
To let it stay,
Or, to unlatch it.

Remember …
Always keep it open.
Remember …
The breeze that blows through that window –
Is just for You!


*Note: This poem on hope and reassurance dawned onto me as we walk through the trying days of the global pandemic. Irrespective of age, class or creed, we all have hardships and points in life that let us down and tax us on our dreams and aspirations. Besides the pandemic that can make us physically low, unmet expectations due to prevailing circumstances may make us financially or mentally low and lessen our hope and faith in life, but hope and happiness equally expects us to have credence and allow a chance to show that the magic works at any cost, and that, life goes on.


Gracy Samjetsabam teaches English Literature and Communication Skills at Manipal Institute of Technology, MAHE, Manipal. She is also a freelance writer and copyeditor. Her interest areas are Indian English Writings, Comparative Literature, Gender Studies, Culture Studies, and World Literature. When not reading or writing, she loves to indulge in being with Nature. 



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