Colours of Life

By Navneet K Maun

Colours Of Life

Life is a beautiful Kaleidoscope,

its ever changing patterns,

brings forth the essence of existence.

It renders different shades and meaning to life.

Some colours are so discordant,

they refuse to blend,

no matter how hard one tries,

forcing one to make unacceptable compromises.

The voice of dissent becomes vicious,

the chasm widening,

causing mental torture, anguish and pain,

leaving behind deep scars.

It is best to wipe the slate clean,

for a fresh beginning,

for one’s sanity and peace.

Men are vulnerable too… victims.

They too are at the receiving end of an abusive relationship.

Yet, some colours are so vibrant,

they invigorate, soothe, motivate.

They are the colours of friendship, love, trust.

Colours of positivity, peace and harmony.



Stepping out after a month of lockdown,

I spied cobwebs hanging defiantly,

on the back of the door.

The master designer was missing.

Must have gone elsewhere,

to create its new masterpiece.

Cobwebs are metaphors,

for strained relationships,

for broken promises.

Cobwebs can settle on anything.

Relationships are not spared,

if covered in the dust

of negativity, insensitivity, mistrust.

They can turn a friend into a foe,

if the vision is clouded,

by the hues of insincerity, selfishness.

Do not let the cobwebs become stagnant,

in your mind, heart and soul.

Dust the cobwebs away.

Purge the demons of prejudices, intolerance,

discrimination and hatred.

The world will surely become a better place to live.


Mrs. Navneet K Maun was born in West Bengal. Did her initial schooling from Oak Grove School, Jharipani, Mussoorie. She furthered her education from Regional College of Education, Bhubaneshwar. She did her Graduation and BEd from there. She did her Masters in English Literature from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. She has vast experience in teaching and has retired as a Senior Teacher from a Public School in Delhi. Her hobbies include reading, travelling, writing and cooking.”



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