The Poor Man’s Salary

By Goto Emmanuel


Everyday is a salary,

But the fruits we eat are more than the wages

The farmers toil taller than the seed they harvest.


The hustle of life is to full the empty stomach

And make the frowning faces gleam.


The world aims for more and more,

Hustle and struggle day and night,

But yields nothing in the shelter of the pauper.


Why not come in bundle you salary!

Who knows the abode of salary?

Travelling like the sun rays in man’s purse

Deducting fare without notice.


The empty stomach must be filled

The tattered cloths must also be sowed

Even the stale furniture are gazing with rust and dust

All must be filled by the same earn.


The salary of life is an unending journey

Whose paths link to everything in life


We stressed for the future

We earn; but when earn,

Daddy brings his shattered boots in the box

And calls “aboki” to beautify it

Mama also submits cost for the tripod

And we submit diary of the term fees.


Poor man salary is like a weak soldier in my country

Who disappoints them in a million times in the battle field


Salary is salary — but not all salaries are rich


I heard the muttering of the poor man in the air

I read the long letter of the poor man to the NEPA body

Rejecting the light because of his probable cause

Cause; sooner, tax and the tattered bills will be asked.


If I will not be self employed

I will be salaried employed

If I don’t work, I will not receive

What we work, we earn.


We owe credit just for the name sake

But the rich do more exploit with the earns

Just like a rock to the needy,

burden to the poor, but blessing to the rich

Which blur the thoughts of the wretched

But brightens the sky of the rich in an island.


Man earns is a factor to his life

Shattered incomes has caused cassava to soak in the barn of the pauper.


The day sweat is an expectation of compensation

We expect more than Lazarus of old

We earn salary to fulfill our desire

But the short earns is the fire that ignites the light in the house


Fowl in caravan is like a country in recession

Whose budget is low like battery

Our budget now is no where to be found.


We worked, earned and spent but not satisfied

The poor man earns is a burden but the rich man salary is like milk and honey.


Goto Emmanuel hails from Opuba, Arogbo in Ese-odo local government Ondo state, Nigeria. An undergraduate in Niger Delta University, Wilberforce island, Bayelsa state. An ijaw by tribe. A christian. A poet, Essayist, fiction writer and a budding lawyer. Gentle and passionate. Optimistic and God fearing. His hobbies are reading, writing , swimming and football. He loves nature. Most poems of Goto Emmanuel are about nature, politics and love. A lover of book who strives to do his possible best in the work art.



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