Borderless, February 2021



In conversation with Suzanne Kamata, an American who writes from Japan and has a unique angle to here writing. Click here to read.

Avik Chanda converses about his best selling book on Dara Shukoh and its current relevance. Click here to read.


The Literary Fictionist

In Forgeries, Don Quixote & Epistemes, Sunil Sharma unravels the mystique of the Spanish ingénue, the man who fights windmills and has claimed much much literary attention post Quichotte. Click here to read.

She Lived Down the Lane

Sohana Manzoor captures the darkness of memories down the lane in opposition to the sunny, happy nostalgia. Click here to read.

Ghumi Stories: Madam D’Souza

Nabanita Sengupta explores taboos around teenage values in a compelling story set in the small town of Ghumi. Click here to read.

Flash Fiction: Saved

A story of 1950s indiscipline related by Brindley Hallam Dennis with a soupçon of humour. Click here to read.

Musings/ Slices from Life

Musings of a Copywriter

In Lessons from Partition, Devraj Singh Kalsi explores how Partition impacts not only countries but families. Click here to read.

Adventures of a Backpacking Granny

In Homestay at St Petersburg, Sybil Pretious travels take her to St Petersburg where she tells the story of a woman she meets, a survivor from the 900 day Siege of Russia. Click here to read.

Core Values

A discussion by Candice Louisa Daquin based on reading Candace Owens’ book Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation. Click here to read.

Who’s the Dummy? Or, ALS Recertification Thumping At 4:35 A.M. In the Morning

A hilarious take on how Will Neussle, a coach for new dads, passes his CPR training. Click here to read.

Mango Trees & Mangoes, with a Pinch of Salt & Chillie

These are fragments of memories from her childhood by Pronoti Baglary. With them, she tries to recap the flavours of an Assamese village. Click here to read more.

The Resolution

Krittika Mehta journeys through Erich Segal towards self discovery. “The world was dipped in swirling, glittering celebrations with friends, family and unknown to embrace a new year…” Click here to read more.

The Magical Nana Banana Cake

Michelle Hanley takes us on a magical adventure of culinary delights made by her grandmother. “It may just be that last bit of cake refilling the pan over and over again…” Click here to read more.


In Praise of Translations

Ratnottama Sengupta, eminent journalist and daughter of Bengali writer Nabendu Ghosh, has been a force behind translating Bengali literature and bringing it to the doorstep of those who do not know the language. In this exclusive, she discusses how translations impact the world of literature. Click here to read.

The Kali Project: From Start to Finish

An exhaustive account of the inception and the fruition of the Kali Project by Co-Editor Candice Louisa Daquin. Click here to read.


Please click on the names to read

Sunil Sharma, Devangshu Dutta, Rhys Hughes, Matthew Friday, Vatsala Radhakeesoon, Glen Armstrong, Sutputra Radheye, John Grey, Jared Carter, Michael R Burch, Ashok Suri, Cinna the poet, Achingliu Kamei, Tom Merrill.


Our Children

A poem by well-known Iranian poet, Bijan Najdi. Translated from Persian by Davood Jalili. Click here to read.

Persian Perspectives: The Third Perception of Man

This essay by Bijan Najdi, translated from Persian to English by Davood Jalili, talks of Najdi’s concept of poetry. Click here to read.

Poetry in Translation

Established poet, Aditya Shankar,  translates poems by Sandhya NP from Malyalam to English. Click here to read.

The Dark House

A Balochi folk tale translated by Fazal Baloch. Click here to read.

The Saviour

A translation from Bengali to English by Dipankar Ghosh of Nabendu Ghosh’s Traankarta, a story set during the Partition riots. Click here to read.

Book Excerpt

Across and Beyond, Essays on Travel, compiled and edited by Nishi Pulugurtha. Click here to read.

Book Reviews

Bhaskar Parichcha reviews Wendy Doniger‘s book Beyond Dharma — Dissent in the Ancient Sciences of Sex and Politics. Click here to read.

Gracy Samjetsabam reviews Nishi Pulugurtha‘s Across and Beyond, an anthology of essays on travels across the globe. Click here to read.

Nivedita Sen reviews Upendrakishore Ray Chowdhury‘s The Adventure Of Goopy The Singer And Bagha The Drummer, later made into a movie by the legendary grandson of the author, Satyajit Ray. Click here to read.

Sara’s Selections

February, 2021

Click here to read a selection hosted by Bookosmia.


The Happiness Quotient… by Mitali Chakravarty. Click here to read

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