An Anguished Father

By Ashok Suri

King Lear by Joshua Reynolds: Wiki

 An Anguished Father
 Happy he was 
 To be the rock,
 Out of which flowed  
 Streams of their delight.
 Now that age is no more on his side,
 At home, he is lavishly criticized.
 His jokes are no longer funny, 
 His talks are considered silly and despised.
 Slowly, he returns home,
 With his head bent down
 Pondering his own plight --
 No wonder,
 With thankless kids around,
 He feels eternally exiled.
 Perhaps what The Bard* said was right:
 “How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is
 To have a thankless child!” 

*The Bard: William Shakespeare. The quoted lines are from King Lear

Mr. Ashok Suri retired from Revenue Service, and is settled with his family in Mumbai. He loves to read and sometimes write. He tries to convey in simple words what he wants to say.

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