Corona nights, This Spring & Quarantines

By Sarita Jenamani

Corona Nights

When our nocturnal solitude

makes us mourn the moment given

we should think of the images

of those handwritten notes,

family heirlooms

and poems sent in the hope

they would get buried

alongside those who die

in hospitals alone


We should not forget

contours of those who could not caress

cheeks of their dear departed

one last time holding their hands

and seeing them dying gracefully


We should be alive

to what happens

before the breadth diffuses

in the shadow of night

and the dream dissolves


We should be aware

a little harbour lies in the sand

of our grief-stricken survival

that builds a boat

out of this temporal wrack

enabling us sail

towards a new dawn


This Spring

This spring

a dark sign looms

in the far-east horizon

Silk route brings us

neither softness of silk

nor aphrodisia of spices

myriad of dawns

the vermilion silhouette of night

rises to mark the mirror of death.


This spring

denies dignity

to the dead

turn prayers into torture

as the honeycomb of memory

stacks the images of dead ones

This spring

When I write I write

only silence and solitude

by a flickering of hope

while attempting to overcome the dark



In isolation

you understand

how isolated you are

from yourself


Walking through the eerily quiet streets

of your inner ruins

you discover

a virus-plagued world whispers

that you have forgotten

you exist

in relation to others


Sarita Jenamani is a poet of Indian origin based in Austria, a literary translator, anthologist, and editor of a bilingual magazine for migrant literature – Words & Worlds – a human rights activist, a feminist and general secretary of PEN International’s Austrian chapter. She has three collections of poetry. She writes in English, Odia and translates to and from German. Sarita translated Rose Ausländer, a leading Austrian poet, and an anthology of contemporary Austrian Poetry from German into Hindi and Odia. She has received many literary fellowships in Germany and in Austria including those of the prestigious organizations of ‘Heinrich Böll Foundation’ and ‘Künstlerdorf Schöppingen’.  She studied Economics and Management Studies in India and Austria where she works as a marketing manager.