The Meeting

By Anasuya Bhar

They met in an alien city
After thirty years. 
At first it seemed unreal -- 
She hardly had any expectations.
The other girl, now a woman,
Hardly emoted, but was civil,
Something that her corporate and rational 
Mind taught her well
Over the years. 
They were classmates, friends – 
She thought she was more
And also wrote a few letters
Which went unanswered. 
Life intervened – 
Careers, marriages, children 
After years of hearsay that are 
Now so regular over social media, 
The girl, now woman, called her up. 
It was another girl, now her daughter 
That needed help with literature. 
Shakespeare and the rest, 
Poems and the prose, 
Who made sense of them all
Beyond the ken of rationality, 
Or even of correct exactitude, 
Who could ever fathom what 
Magic words could do?
She was stunned – 
But she was a teacher, and not less 
A dealer of words, a reader 
Of poetry, a lover of the arts –
It could only be an exercise of pleasure.
She did, the daughter succeeded.
The arrow had hit the target. 
But this became a matter of course.
When the other day, 
The day of colours,
They met, it was the same correctitude
From the other woman and the daughter,
Merely a recollection of other fellow mates
Never an introspective look or a glance. 
She recollected, travelled back 
To moments of past warmth
Expectations, and dried up memories.
Of course, there was no hint 
Of all this in conversation.
Thirty more years may pass 
In the neverland of meeting,
She hardly cared, anymore.
It was important, perhaps, 
To say the proper goodbye,
Between wine and the splendour of 
Five-star accommodation. 

Courtesy: Creative Commons

Dr. Anasuya Bhar teaches English Literature at a postgraduate college in Kolkata, India



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