A Grandchild

By Ashok Suri

O, the company of a grandchild!
A joy unparalleled --
There is nothing like this
In the entire world…

To see the little angel 
Sleep in the cradle with a doll,  
Crawl excitedly, 
Scribble cute lines on the wall,
Move with nimble steps around the table,
While you hold the soft little hand,
Fearing the little lamb may fall.

To have the sweet soul
Ride on your shoulders,
Play in your lap,
Hold you back with all her might
When you try to go out,
And rush on all fours towards you
When you come back.

Play hide and seek,
Guide and teach,
Take the little one 
To school, park and beach.
Weave each night new stories
Of kings and queens, angels and fairies,
Till your darling goes to sleep.

O, it’s a delight!
Pure bliss!
Even angels come down on earth
To relish this!
Courtesy: Creative Commons

Ashok Suri is a retiree and is settled with his family in Mumbai. He tries to convey in simple words what he wants to say.



3 replies on “A Grandchild”

The poet in you had always been visible in your soft and sensitive nature since long. Now you have brought out this hidden poet in the form of words. You have described the love and care of gran father very nicely. Very beautiful poem Ashok. Keep writing..

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You are simple in your expression . Hence you express so beautifully. We often lose track of the beauty we are attempting to depict , when we adopt a complex and difficult expression. Remain simple to achieve the deepest level . You have already gone deeper than many!

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