A Poem for the Earth

By Ms. Mathangi Sunderrajan


The dry, cracked lake bed hurts my eyes.
I shade them with my hand and squint 
Against the blinding glare of the fiery incandescence.
I look up to the azure canopy strewn sparsely,
With bright white cotton candies -- wispy, fluffy
Pretty too, but without a hint of a promise.

Mother Earth, not patient nor forbearing, 
But angry and thirsting, has drawn every of drop
Of the elixir, into her withered womb, shrivelled
From the constant sucking of insatiable Greed.
The gnarled tentacles of Her sole Saviours who escaped
The axe have probed the underground feverishly for survival.  
Not long ago, the surfeit basin had glistened 
In the soft sunshine of the kinder months.
Now cattle and human stroll the parched, sun-baked bed.
All has run dry akin to my poetic flourish.
Where are the words and the emotions they thrived on?
Has the thirst for the mundane or the roots of apathy taken hold?  

Shouts of laughter break my reverie. Village urchins --
Their dark chocolate skin blending with the bare Earth.
Freed from the confines of dreary, sultry classrooms- 
The arid bed a perfect pitch for 
a game of cricket--
Crude sticks for stumps, a coarse log for a bat,
And a joyous spirit untouched by the dry land and the harsh sun.

I look up again at the bright white cotton candies.
Charming cumulus! A hint of darkening edges?
A promise of an evening thunderstorm.
I picture the urchins frolic in the downpour
And splash in the muddy brown slush.
I hurry home with new insight and hope.

Mrs. Mathangi Sunderrajan has been teaching English for nearly 15 years across various boards- state, central and international. Having been an avid reader all her life, writing poetry has became a hobby , as well as  a means of expression about the things  that touch her, besides being therapeutic.



One reply on “A Poem for the Earth”

Earth is a beautiful poem in tune with the times… this poignant description of a lush land lying wasted is evocative of earth’s anguish.

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