Nature's Musings

The Lords of Light

A new legend in words and photographs by Penny Wilkes

Before morning light each day, the Lords of Light share the duty to awaken the Sun. These insects stir the sun’s sleep-struck eyes awake. Fireflies stunt and twirl their light. Candle bugs and railroad worms spangle the darkness in their carnival of lights wake up service. 

The Lords of Light rouse the sleeping Sun and nudge him up the far side of the mountain to open the day.

Day by day, the Firefly began to notice a difference in the Sun and said to the Lords, “Did you notice that the Sun shuffled up the hill yesterday?”

“Long summer days are hard on him,” said the Lantern Bug, “Yet he never complains.”

“He needs rest,” said the Firefly. “Do you think the moon would take on extra hours?”

“Let’s ask her.” The Lords agreed.

The next day after setting the Sun on his course, the Lords gathered for their flight to speak with the moon. They rode on eagle beaks, the backs of hawks and tails of ravens. Gleaming against the sky, they raced to ask Moon’s help.

The Firefly asked, “Dear Lady Moon, we think the Sun is becoming weary. Will you give him a break and stay up a bit longer?”

“Humph, glared the Moon.” I have to work nights and never get to play during the day. Why should I give up my sleep time?”

“Look what the Sun does for you, “The Firefly said. “No one could see you if the Sun didn’t shine and reflect off your face”

“The Sun only gives me enough light now to fashion a sliver of my real self. I’m not a full moon for long each month and no one bothers to help me. Go Away.” With a bellow the Moon pulled a drape over her crescent face.

The stars overheard the Firefly’s conversation with the Moon and twirled, “Wish we could help but we’re too far apart to spread morning light.”

Disappointed in their quest, the Lords of Light fluttered back to Earth. With each new day, the Sun trudged up the back of the mountain. Even larger animals noticed the days growing dimmer.

The Lion beckoned the Firefly to his den to ask why the Lords of Light were not performing their wake up serve adequately.

The Firefly explained how unsteady the Sun appeared.

“You must find us an answer,” said the King of Beasts.

The Firefly flew into his flaming coral tree to think. His own light dimmed until he suddenly knew the answer.

He buzzed back to the lion’s den.

“Why don’t we beckon our aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends who shine? With everyone together we’ll create a light so bright that Sun can sleep in one morning.”

“Magnificent idea, “the Lion roared. “I will direct the show.”

The Firefly called the Lords of Light together and told them of his plan. Word spread by fire ants and mites. Electric eels telegraphed the acceptance notices.

“I’ll transport the bugs who cannot fly,” said the Eagle.

The Lords of Light found it difficult to contain their excitement from the Sun until Festival Day arrived. Yet, the Sun was too tired to notice.

Glowworms gathered from New Zealand with Asian springtail beetles. Snow fleas from the polar region joined in the fun. African centipedes and Swedish luminescent larvae descended with creatures from the East Indies.

Blue-lighted larvae alighted from the backs of birds. Fire beetles arrived with tropical bugs to flash in unison.

Star worms, bees and moths without lights toted mushroom umbrellas with specks of radiance to guide their way.

Millipedes, who use light for self-defense, united with New Zealand orange worms to increase their shine power. Grubs brought foxfire from the damp forests.

Luminescent squids, jellyfish, and deep-sea swimmers with coral fans prepared their dancing games directed by purposes and whales.

When all the creatures united, the Firefly directed giraffes, elephants, and tigers to line up along Sun’s mountain. He adorned them with ringlets of bugs and beetles. Hummingbirds circled to enlarge the display. Seagulls and vultures became messengers to deliver friends higher and higher into the sky.

The Pyramid of Light waited for its cue.

The lion roared to gain attention and began
the countdown: 5-4-3-2-1

Everyone squeezed glow cells until light blazed from the seas through rivers and bounced up antelope legs, over camel humps, and spiralled to the tops of giraffe necks.

The display arose up the back of the mountain and into the sky to create a new dawn.

As darkness disappeared the stars flashed their approval and grumpy moon uncovered her face with a grin.

Roused by the celebration, the Sun awakened from slumber. He tingled with pride when he saw the harmony created by The Lords of Light together with all the creatures of day and night.

Thank you, the Sun said. “Your collaboration has given me the spirit to shine forever.”

The Pyramid of Light applauded with shimmers and glows.

The sun, with a smile, celebrated and energised the clouds into play that evening.

Penny Wilkes,  served as a science editor, travel and nature writer and columnist. An award-winning writer and poet, she has published a collection of short stories, Seven Smooth Stones. Her published poetry collections include: Whispers from the Land, In Spite of War, and Flying Lessons. Her Blog on The Write Life features life skills, creativity, and writing: . Her photoblog is @:



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