Independence Day Poetry

Poems by Jaydeep Sarangi

To the Origin of a Free Poem

I don't know how I can climb these steps
Perhaps I'll never think of anything 
These steps lead to a free poem

The large mossy steps to her smile
And make it my poems,
Long thought-out ways 

How shall I begin with her?
I shall hold pains mounting to joy towards her
With our morning milk white looks, thoughts deep.

I shall turn the cloud 
Into intelligible forms
The stones shall hear my rhymes.

This long night settles 
On my heartbeats, lines 
Into her ears, a leaf falls on me. 

Swinging Back in  Free Thoughts
While swinging with pleasure
we converse late into the borders.
Words pour on to  blank pages
with irrepressible urges, free leaves
When turbulence brews in the sky
you go down the river
take along a little of me with you,
and remember very well
to leave a bit of you, yours 
on the promise to meet again
and find each other soon.

Freedom Safari

On this bird cooing morning
The sun rays on the books I am reading these days
Lighting up all words, emotions and charm
Calling it good morning. Repeating the name.
My nation is my name, a timely cooked cuisine 
A morning bird, a debut collection of promise
Where clouds court in joy, raining the light.

Another beautiful day
Thoughts never arrive late here
What a lovely feeling it is to be free
Sitting, reading and  returning to my unsaid words for you.

Jaydeep Sarangi, dubbed as ‘bard on the banks of Dulung’, is a widely anthologized  and reviewed  bilingual poet with  eight collections in English latest being  Heart Raining the Light (2020) released in Rome.  Sarangi has read his poems in different shores of the globe. He is on the  editorial boards of different journals featuring poetry and articles on poetry like Mascara Literary Review, Transnational Literature, (Australia), Teesta, WEC(India).



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