Borderless, March 2021

Our First Anniversary Issue


Happy Birthday Borderless Journal by Mitali Chakravarty: We complete a year on March 14th, 2021. A recap of the year, thanks to our contributors across 31 countries and a fresh look at our future along with what we look for in our pieces. Click here to read.


Avery Fischer Udagawa is an American, who lives in Thailand and translates from Japanese. Click here to read more.

Anuradha Kumar is a writer who pans through different cultures and continents. Click here to read more


The Literary Fictionist

In Love Beyond Words, Sunil Sharma explores relationships. Click here to read.

Orang Minyak or The Ghost

A Jessie Michael explores blind belief in a Malay village. Click here to read.

Shoes in the Forbidden Attic

Vidula Sonagra explores childhood and its exigencies. Click here to read.

The Beggar

Shouvik Banerjee relates an unusual story set in Kolkata. Click here to read.

Ghumi Stories: The Threat Note

Nabanita Sengupta finds crime lurking in the darkness of Ghumi woods. Click here to read.

Flash Fiction: Fat!

The fiction by Supriya Rakesh is just about that — a fun-filled relook at being Fat. Click here to read


Musings of a Copywriter

Devraj Singh Kalsi ponders on Creativity and Madness in a lighthearted tone. Click here to read.

Adventures of a Backpacking Granny

In Where it All Began, Sybil Pretious recounts her first adventure on Mt Kilimanjaro. Click here to read.

Harvest your Patches

Aditi Jain philosophises on how the pandemic could be perceived as a patchwork quilt. Click here to read.

Moving from the Podium to the Helm

Meredith Stephens from Australia maps the impact of the start of the pandemic a year ago with the lockdowns being put in place. Click here to read more.


When West Meets East & Greatness Blooms

Debraj Mookerjee reflects on how syncretism impacts greats like Tagore,Tolstoy, Emerson, Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi and many more. Click here to read.

Reflections on Nobel Laureate Bunin’s ‘Un Petit Accident’

Mike Smith reflects on a short fiction by Russia’s first Nobel Laureate, Ivan Bunin. Could it be a precursor to flash fiction? Click here to read.

Beyond Ideological Borders

Anu Karippal explores the world beyond the margins drawn by ideologies. Click here to read.

Photo Essay: Birds & Us

Penny and Michael B Wilkes take us on a photographic journey with a narrative in San Diego. Click here to read.


Click on the names to read

Sangeeta Sharma, Penny Wilkes, Shraddha Arora, Anthony Wade, Vatsala Radhakeesoon, Jared Carter, Vijayalakshmi Harish, Ken Allan Dronsfield, Ihlwha Choi, Michael R. Burch

Story Poem

Rhys Hughes takes us on a brilliant trip with aliens popping out of treasure chests and humour. Click here to read.


Ratnottama Sengupta transcreates three poems from Bengali. Click here to read.


Poetry by Krishna Bajgai has been translated from Nepalese by Dr. Rupak Shrestha. Click here to read

Aditya Shankar translates Krispin Joseph‘s poetry from Malyalam to English. Click here to read.

Kumar Bhimsingha by Swarnakumari Devi, the sister of Rabindranath Tagore, was published in a magazine run by the Tagore family, in April 1887. It has been translated by Chaitali Sengupta. Click here to read.

The Magic Spell of Scheherazade’s Nights are reflections by Sandhya Sinha (1928-2016) on the magic of storytelling in Arabian Nights translated by Ratnottama Sengupta. Click here to read.

Book Excerpt

A Sense of Time & Other Stories by Anuradha Kumar, excerpted from the book of short stories. Click here to read

Book Reviews

Bidyut Chakrabarty’s Socio-political Thought of Rabindranath Tagore, published by Sage India, reviewed by Bhaskar Parichha. Click here to read.

Suzanne Kamata’s Indigo Girl reviewed by Gracy Samjetsabam, to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the 2011 Tsunami in Japan. Click here to read.

Sutputra Radheye’s Inqallab on the Wall, a collection brought out by Delhi Poetry Slam, reviewed by Rakhi Dalal. Click here to read.

Sara’s Selections

Sara’s Selections features young person’s writings from Bookosmia. Click here to read this section.

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