By Aminath Neena

I look at those lush green trees.

The hills beyond the pavilion danced with the silky breeze. Their outline of azure blue hue beckons me to come closer as they whisper my name huskily.

“Come and give us a hug!” they start chanting clearly in a language that I can understand too well.

On my right, the lake shimmered in stark silver like that of a bride smiling in her nuptial glory waiting for her groom…and then my thoughts reach out to you, the one closest to my heart. The one whose aura consumes most of my lucid dreams. The one whose face remains etched in my mind’s eye, since forever.

The sweet chanting was getting louder by the moment.

“Sheeeeeeseeeeeeeeeeh… Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeesh! Come, come!”

I gazed longingly at those inviting contours. The greens, the blues and the whites all mixed together as if in a surreal painting and they pulled at my heartstrings.

I started missing you more than ever and there is a noticeable pain in my heart now.

My feet started moving willfully on their own as if in complete control of the feat ahead. Closer and closer I moved but although I felt a strong need to be there among the hills, I had an intense burning desire to have you beside me, right there holding my hands.

And then the thought struck me. It hurled at me like a whirlwind.

It was so sudden that I almost lost my balance. Slowly, I bent down and crouched on my knees on the wet grass. I put my hands on my head in an attempt to excogitate the answers to the raging questions in my mind.

Why did this place feel so familiar when in reality it was the first time, I had consciously visited it anyway? What made me feel that I have known you all along and that I have known you all my life when in reality I could not recall just how or where we had met before?

Why did I feel this way every time I saw these hills and the greenery close to me? And most importantly, why did it all remind me of you; of us when in the real sense, there is no us at all?

Why? Why? Why?

Is it possible that you and I, we had lived among those luscious hills, perhaps in another lifetime? But my strict sense of religion clearly forbade me to think along these lines. Or, could it be possible that souls met in heaven before they were destined to start life on Earth here? In that case, it did make sense to me.

What I did know for sure is that it was not just my imagination or a hallucination but a real feeling I had. There was no mistake about that! And, at least, that itself is a relief.

With that dwelt a certainty. Just like a mathematical formula, if there was a me and an us, somewhere, at some point in time, then there definitely was and is a you. The mere notion that you existed somewhere out there just like I had felt all along, was enough motivation for me to suppress all my Earthly desires, till the point in time in our entwined destinies, when we would meet each other. The thought made my heart smile.

Slowly, I walked back to my dorm.


Aminath Neena is an English lecturer from the picturesque archipelago nation of the Maldives. An avid lover of words, she writes both poetry and short fiction. Her writings explore themes like love, relationships, spirituality, society, and global issues.



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