Winter Night & Masks

By Lidia Chiarelli

Winter Night

Very often on winter nights the halfshaped moonlight sees

Men through a window of leaves …

from: A Dream of Winter  by Dylan Thomas


Reflections of alabaster

in the winter sunset

droplets of subtle mist

laying on the sea

with the  last games

of starlings in the wind.


A crescent moon

makes its way

in the ancient maze,

in the darkness

carved  by the waves

on the sand


where also

our words


fade away.


 (to Rudolph Valentino)

In Life’s masquerade the disguises are many

from: Cap and Bells by Rudolph Valentino


Through the open window

a dull sky hid the stars

when you paused and listened

to the lost language of the night.


Under glittering chandeliers

the precious clock ticked endless hours

and your many faces,

reflected in the sumptuous mirrors,

(impassive masks)

slowly dissolved

into another place, into another time


Unspoken thoughts words left unsaid

broken phrases vague illusions

dreams of passion vainly chased.


Then the dazzling spotlights

switched off one by one

on the set

of your last film


Lidia Chiarelli was born and raised in Turin (Italy), where in 2007, she founded with Aeronwy Thomas  the Art-literary Movement: Immagine & Poesia.Lidia’s passion for creative writing has motivated her to write poetry and she has become an award winning poet since 2011. Her writing has been translated into more than 20 languages and published in Poetry Reviews and on web-sites in many countries. In 2014, she started an inter-cultural project with Canadian writer and editor Huguette Bertrand publishing E Books of Poetry and Art on line.She is also an appreciated artist, working on installations and digital collages.                                     


Bhaskar Parichha is a Bhubaneswar-based  journalist and author. He writes on a broad spectrum of  subjects , but more focused on art ,culture and biographies. His recent book ‘No Strings Attached’ has been published by Dhauli Books. 



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