Soul of A Single Mother

By Sushant Kumar BK

You know? I was a single mother,

Hear my story of pain.


I struggled to raise my children,

Putting my own hunger in shade,

I always managed for them a full loaf of bread.


Every moment I worked like a machine,

With no sense of time,

No morning, no evening!


A voyage,

From village to city, as I changed my location,

To offer my children quality education.

But my hard works, my skills,

Earned nothing in the city.

With no choice, with no pursuit,

No option was left to me —

Except to capitalize my body.


One day,

I sold my body to buy life for children,

And auctioned my pride

To bargain books for their study.


Another day,

I vended myself in the market

In exchange for their school fees.


    But as my children grew older,

They began to question my choices,

The same dedication with which I bought for them,

Selling my own morality.

They insulted me and my being,

They treated me like worthless thing.

Pinched me with words,

Hurt me with behavior.


When life was more unfair to me,

I moved to old age home to let myself free.



Sushant Kumar B.K.  from Gulariya,Bardiya, Nepal. He has M.A in English Literature and Political Science from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu,Nepal. He is a freelance writer for The Himalayan Times, national English daily of Nepal. His latest work, a poetry, Insane lover can be read in The The Republica. He has attended a workshop jointly organized by Fulbright Nepal and Dignity Initiatives. He has participated in Translation Workshop provided by Society of Translators Nepal where he learned translating from Nepali to English and vice-versa.

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