In Solitude’s Splendour

By Christopher Manners

In Solitude’s Splendour 

In solitude’s splendour, I was blessed
by that graciously guiding breeze,
fervently free with towering thoughts,
as I philosophized amidst the trees,
energized as I examined existence,
contemplating through the destined day,
curiously seeking that cosmic clarity,
while the swift birds seemed to play.

And suddenly I was jolted by joy,
as a resplendent and racing river
overflowing on its progressing path,
as the forest did decisively deliver
this serene sense of triumphant trust
in the universe, its underlying frame,
in the valiant vessel’s secure voyage,
with old anxieties to finally tame.

Immersed in that ecstatic elation,
though the experience was only brief,
it had this lasting influential impact,
vanquishing all my grueling grief,
as I was past my small worrying self,
in this euphoric expanse and tied
momentarily to the river’s source,
while the Sun’s chariot I did ride.

Christopher Manners has had 2 poetry books published by Poetica Press – Sophia Perennis.  He has also had poems published by Harbinger Asylum. Born and residing near Toronto, Canada, he has a Bachelor of Arts with Honours from York University.   Manners is the founder of, a poetry blog and encyclopedia dedicated to the classics. 

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