Birds Cry

By Melissa A Chappell

What do the birds cry

when the sun sinks upon a killing,

and the taken life feeds the hungering, blood-rich soil of a nation,

as it has for centuries.

What do the birds cry

over this blood that will not lay silent,

but runs restless, a river unencumbered, through the cindered streets.

What did the birds cry

when in such strange times

men drew up other men by ropes

to hang in trees?

What do the birds cry

when after so many words have been written,

so many speeches delivered,

and so many proclamations proclaimed,

that the sun still sinks upon killings unnumbered,

and the soil continues in its greed.

Cry, you birds, what do you cry?

“Silence, silence!

Until justice rises on the wing,

cry silence.”


Melissa A. Chappell is a native of South Carolina living on land passed down through her family for over 120 years. She is greatly inspired by the land and music. She plays several instruments, among them an 8 course Renaissance lute. She shares her life with her family and two miniature schnauzers. She recently published Dreams in Isolation: The World in Shadow: Poems of Reconciliation and Hope with Alien Buddha Press.




Praying Mantis

By Orbindu Ganga

Painted in a shade 
Rested in her cave,
Silent enough to be staid
To be camouflaged
With the leaves,
Whirling from the obtuse
To touch the straight angle,
She echoes the form
In the way, she looks,
She creeps like a humanoid
To trigger the strive for higher form,
She drafts her movement
Like a saint for everybody’s well-being,
Seeing with a vision in two
To hear them mumble in one,
She was created 
To whisper in the ambiance,
Ingrained with gratitude
To seek the showers of blessings,
From the almighty 
With folded hands to him,
The human opened their eyes
To get intrigued to see the visual.
She stood still 
For as long she could,
Making her the cynosure
For rest to admire,
Showing all the species
The power of prayer,
The mantis is the prophet
Praying for all the species.

Orbindu Ganga is a post-graduate in science and the first recipient of Dr. Mitra Augustine gold medal for academic excellence. He worked in financial, banking and publishing domains, proving his finesse as a Soft Skills Trainer and Content Account Manager (Client Relationship Manager). Orbindu Ganga is a multilingual poet, author, critic, content writer, sketch artist, researcher, and spiritual healer. His poems have been published in many international publications and anthologies. He has published two research papers in poetry. His painting and article have been published in a spiritual journal – Awakening. He has authored the book “SAUDADE.”