Silly Questions

Poetry from Nepal by Nabin Pyassi, translated by Haris C Adhikari

Nabin Pyassi

Sometimes I feel—


Why does the breeze

Not blow only for itself, why

 Does the sun

Not say, ‘I’ll rise only in palaces?’

Why do the rivers

Not say, ‘This comes in other’s frontier?’


What happens if

The clouds get angry,

And soils sprout

Only weeds?

What happens if

Our own heart forgets

Our body?


I myself stand

In the dock, and question—


Why, without any fear,

Do flowers bloom?

Why don’t birds claim, ‘The sky is only ours!’

Why, without regret,

Do roads spill their nakedness

Far and wide?


Why does the mountain

Not keep on freezing

But melt as well? Why do

Nights have to take their leave, though reluctantly?

Why doesn’t the winter scream, saying

‘Let no new leaves sprout!’  


Why do babies come carrying

A great mountain of suffering

In the wombs and from the wombs?


Do the cracked heels tease

Over and over again, grinning?


Why do revolutions always stand

On the

Labourers’ backs?


Placing my palm lines

On my forehead, I question—


Why does the dustbin refuse

To clean its own appearance? Why

Does the guitar not accept

The tunes brought to life 

With my inexperienced fingers? Why

Do our own eyes

Not see ourselves

As ‘beautiful’?


Why doesn’t the mirror show

My frustrations, my vanities, and my sins?


Why doesn’t

Time take

Commands of people?

Poets Bio:

Nabin Pyassi (b. Dec. 21, 1995) an aspiring poet and an avid reader of poetry, hails from Khotang district. He is pursuing his studies from Tribhuvan University, with English literature and sociology as his majors. Most of his poetic works are romantic, insightful and metaphysical as well as deeply rooted to the native soil.

Translator’s Bio:

Haris C Adhikari, a widely published poet and translator from Nepal, and an MPhil scholar in English language, teaches at Kathmandu University. He has three books poetry and literary translation to his credit. Adhikari’s creative and scholarly works have appeared in numerous national and international journals. Until 2017, he edited Misty Mountain Review, an online journal of short poetry. Currently, he co-edits Polysemy, a journal of interdisciplinary scholarship, published out of DoMIC, Kathmandu University. He can be reached at