Lockdown dilemmas

By Gauri Dixit

Lockdown Dilemmas
The blades rotate at a constant speed
My eyes etch a pattern on the thick layer of dust

'The fan will not clean itself' 
The mind says
'It will too
See the tiny dust particles floating in the air?'
Says the eye

The onions have been lying in the terrace for six days now
Day one and day two were supposed to dry the wet onions
It rained on day three and four
The onions are out for drying again
And they will dry on their own
There's no pain

I go through the memories scattered around
Picking each, cleaning, dusting, compartmentalizing, organizing 
Halfway through 
I see you
Much larger than any compartment I have at my disposal
And too small to be locked

Gauri Dixit when not busy working in her office, is busy being a traveller, climbing mountains, capturing the voice of a solitary flower blossoming from a rock or the bird sitting on a hanging branch, sometimes  the setting sun or the  sea  in her camera as well as in the words she weaves. Her poems speak in a voice which is unique, cold and direct .  She  has been a Reuel Prize awardee. Her first book, ‘In My Skin, I Find Freedom’, has poems on varied subjects with a common thread of a sceptical questioning mind of a free woman.