Slowly, but Surely

By Namratha Varadharajan

not love at first sight
nor in the first night

But slowly over the years

A walk in the neighbourhood
under monsoon skies 
when you made me laugh so loud 
it must have woken up the sky

A summer of growing tomatoes on the balcony
and harvesting four teeny tiny ones,
cooking rasam* with it and feeling so proud

Holding hands in a distant land
but never stealing even a peck outdoors
to slobbering over our babies 
until they scream “No more!”

Reading and writing 
in a silence that hugs

Slow dancing our way through life
until spooning grows to mean coming home

Slowly, but surely
moments weave us together
to be one in love

Slowly, but surely
till the end.

*Spicy South Indian soup

Namratha Varadharajan writes to explore human emotions and our connection with nature while trying to chip at prejudices that plague us, one syllable at a time. She has been published in The Yearbook of Indian Poetry 2021, The Kali Project, The Gulmohar Quarterly, The Alipore Post, among others.

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