Dino Poems by Richard Stevenson

Richard Stevenson
Moros (Moe -ross)

Just over a meter in length,
the Moros belongs to the same
family as Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Same short front arms –
look like they’d only be good
for holding hot dogs.

But, no, he had powerful eyesight
and was very fast.  Could out-run
most predators with ease.

Had good hearing too –
the better to scat for the mat
if larger carnivores were nearby.

Big teeth and a grin
that stretched from ear to ear.
Never brushed ‘em though –

Could probably gas his victim
before sinking any incisors
into its little quaking hide.

Pteranodon (TER an-oh-don)

Not a bird, but a flying reptile
that soared and glided high
above the fray.  No teeth
but a long beak with which
it scooped up fish and slow-
running smaller reptile prey.

Soared over plains and waterways –
mostly gliding on the thermals.
Swooping down to scoop finny prey.
Ate on the fly.  Imagine fly-by
burger joints, discus pizzas ejected
above car height in our time.
Would have been a zoo favourite!

Big crest, big chest, cutest talons!
Imagine zoo pedicures delivered
by trained reptoid cuticologists.
They could paint his talons red –
but that’d be a little ho hum –
maybe aquamarine, with sparkles!
Let’s call him Terrance Pteranodon.

Micropachycephalosaurus (mi-kro-PAK-ee-SEF-ah-lo-SAWR-us)

This late Cretaceous cutie
was one of the smallest dinosaurs,
but had the longest name!

While T-Rex was stumbling
over syllables trying to count ‘em
on his terrible lizard fingers

and figure whether this biped
whose name means small thick-headed lizard
could even begin to fill his gizzard,

this clever micropachycephalosaurus
had already processed the thought
that there was no point in butting heads,

His best move was to scoot!
And scoot his did – off into
the tuliewumps, where he hid.

A herbivore with Olympic
sprinter’s legs and good sniffer
generally lives to scarf another day.

Tyrannosaurus Rex (Tie-RAN-oh-SAWR-us Rex)

Guess there woulda been
no point in telling you to chew
before you swallowed.  You couldn’t
chew!  Hadda tear off chunks
of meat ‘n’ swallow’ em whole!

Messy eater!  Not that any reptoid
Emily Post was around to teach you
to brush your teeth.  Arms couldn’t
reach the front, let alone hard-to-reach
spots.  Whaddaya just gargle and rinse?

Guess no one’s gonna call you
on your bad breath either, bro’ –
Yer free to roam and stink up the place.
Maybe just lower your snout and roar
to gas little lizard pop tarts to stop.

Terrible lizard with an insatiable gizzard.
Best known bully on yer – or
any herbivore’s – block, baby!
Yer the beast with the baddest rep.
Heck, yer a cereal box plastic icon, dude!

Richard Stevenson recently retired from a thirty-year gig teaching English and Creative Writing at Lethbridge College in southern Alberta.  He has published widely.  Forthcoming titles in his cryptid, ET, and Fortean lore series include a trilogy, Cryptid Shindig, and the standalone volumes, An Abominable Swamp Slob Named Bob, Dark Watchers, and Hairy Hullabaloo.  Just out: Eye to Eye with My Octopi (Cyberwit, India, 2022) and Bature! West African Haikai (Mawenzi House, Canada, 2022


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