Greetings from Borderless

Carolling Christmas

Painting by Sybil Pretious

Christmas is a time of loving and giving — values which cannot be reiterated often enough. It is a time when people meet friends and relatives, a tradition that had been hampered by the pandemic and one that will hopefully be resumed with gusto this year.

Many celebrate the season but not the religiosity of the festival as they are from cultures that give precedence to other religious events — Eid, Hanukkah, Durga Puja or Diwali — to name a few. But the spirit of the season affects us all. As the year draws towards its close, Christmas becomes a time for reaffirmation of the human spirit across the globe. We celebrate it everywhere and in any season — in summer, winter or in tropical climes where the weather stays the same round the year. Perhaps… because it is the last major event of the ripened year…

Wishing you joy, we invite you to savour of our fare — including poetry, not just describing Christmas but of compassion. We have humour in prose, essays on great writings that have survived more than a century, and a translation of a poem that was published a hundred years ago.


Christmas Poem: A fresh fun poem by Rhys Hughes… Click here to read.

Poems by Sukrita Paul Kumar: A tribute to our fellow humans in war-torn Ukraine… Click here to read.


My Christmas Eve “Alone” : Erwin Coomb has an unusual adventure on Christmas Eve… Is it friendly or spooky? Click here to read.

Yule Do Nicely: Hilarious short stories from Rhys Hughes‘ funny Christmas collection. Click here to read.

Completing a Century

Rebel or ‘Bidrohi’: Nazrul’s signature poem, ‘Bidrohi‘, completed one hundred years of publication, translated by Professor Fakrul Alam. Click here to read.

T.S Eliot’s The Waste Land: Finding Hope in Darkness: Dan Meloche muses on the century-old poem and its current relevance. Click here to read.

Me and James Joyce in Trieste: Mike Smith makes a trip to Trieste, where the hundred year-old Ulysees was written. Click here to read.

Ivory Ivy & Stephen Dedalus: Paul Mirabile explores James Joyce’s Stephen Dedalus and his passion for words keeping in mind the hundred year old Ulysees & the even older, A Portrait of the Artists as a Young Man. Click here to read.

Courtesy: Creative Commons

Click here to access the Borderless anthology, Monalisa No Longer Smiles

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