Human Cage

By Gigi Baldovino Gosnell

Human cage

Wall, fence, border, checkpoint
Shuts us all up
In a human cage 
Of sorrow
And rage

One by one, old and juvenile
Men and women herded together in a file
Getting nearer to the end of the line
He looks around; his stiff back resigns

—Pass, next, but you stay.
—Where are you going, you don’t say
Wrong move, wrong tone arouses suspicion
Restrained in wire cages, sneered at with revulsion

Pacing to and fro
Pacing to and fro
Identity checks; finally passed through 
Across the border, he bought 
mince meat, milk and sourdough

It was dusk when he got back
Same border, same soldier eyed him; he eyed him back
—Open your bags, officer barked
He pounded his fists, boiling to fight back

Five machine guns cocked in succession
Nervous soldiers ready to shoot with military precision
He pled, —I just want to go home, please
My family waits on the other side of the fence

Walls, fences, borders, checkpoints
Shut us all up
In a human cage 
Of sorrow 
And rage

Gigi Baldovino Gosnell has degrees in Psychology and Education. She lectures in Psychology, worked in various NGOs, and the public service in the fields of women empowerment, land reform, social development and local government.

4 replies on “Human Cage”

Yes , congratulations my dearest Manang (vernacular language in Philippines 🇵🇭 for Big Sister as a sign of respect) Gigi. Your published poem is amazing. Carry on your passion.

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