Before my Curtain is Drawn

By Tasneem Hossian

Tasneem Hossian
Before my Curtain is Drawn

Do not shed tears when I am gone.
Give me a moment now, before my curtain is drawn.
Stay with me for a while,
Sit silently by my side.
Take my hands in your hands,
Let me rest on your shoulder.
Talk to me with your sweetest words.
Smile at me with your eyes, twinkling stars.
Let me listen to your whispering heart, 
Engraved will remain these moments. 

If you cry, when I am gone with
My life’s curtain already drawn,
What meaning would it hold for me?
How will I know that you cared for me?
How will I tell you what you meant to me?
Let these moments of love be an eternity.
Come sit beside me and love me now.
If you love me, then make me this vow:
You won’t cry when I am gone, 
For you will never be alone.
I will be with you -- very near,
Wiping away all your tears.

Do not shed tears when I am gone.
Give me a moment now, before my curtain is drawn.

Tasneem Hossain is a multilingual poet, columnist, op-ed columnist and training consultant. She is the Director of Continuing Education Centre, Bangladesh.



25 replies on “Before my Curtain is Drawn”

A precious moment now is priceless
A thousand year of mourning, after the curtain is drawn, is but meaningless. A realisation now is worth. A beautiful rendering of a beautiful mind. Thanks to the poet.

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I don’t know who you dedicated this poem to but it reminds me of my ‘mother’ and all the mothers across the globe who just are born to sacrifice their lives just to crack a smile on our lips and one day they disappear into oblivion ……… unnoticed, unlamented. A grand big hug to the mother inside you

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In my 70 years of age, before reading the poem, I was never struck so much to realise the value of present. I pray, though little, I have time to act.
Inspiring indeed.

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Wow! A beautiful poem. Reminds us of how important every single moment is and how we should cherish life. Very touching indeed!

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True: Time is precious and we need to express our love openly to those whom we love. This world will then become more beautiful and habitable amidst all the chaos. Thank you

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Simply put: Beautiful and Encouraging.

Reading this thoughtful poem makes me map any human relationship that is pure and beautiful. Thank you for reminding that we ought to cherish those relationships. 🙂

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Beautiful thoughts. let’s cherish the moments and find all the positivity that surrounds us and be grateful for the blessings in our lives . Thank you

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Thanks for the reminder. For most of us the shadows are lengthening.
Some, whom we loved, are already gone and we never found the time to tell them that they mattered. But there are others still around that we should talk to before the curtain closes, and it could, either way. Reminds me of a Munir Nizami poem, “Hamesha der kerdayta hoon mein”.

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True it’s a reminder for all of us. It has happened so many times to me that someone very beloved passed away and then I couldn’t forgive myself for not having connected with them more often. ‘kehnay ki der na karna, kehna hay to abhi kaho, kaun janay kab humisay hum kho jayen aur wapas anay ki gunjaish hi na ho’ Thank you

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Such a strong message in the poem and you have depicted it in a powerful way in words!  In fact, we are so preoccupied with life that we forget the beautiful truth of survival. We don’t realise the subtle pleasures like holding hands of a loved one, talking with our eyes, listening to the heartbeat, resting on each others shoulders or whispering words of love.  Then when the final curtain is drawn,  everything goes out of reach – we mourn, we repent, we shred tears.
Your poem is a realisation call for all of us.
It makes me think deep about life and to value it.

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Such a beautiful poem sure to touch the hearts of many as it has mine. We tend to forget how the simple acts of kindness and love for each other can help us past a lifetime. I am grateful to the author to express her thoughts with such purity.

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