Humour Poetry

Watch the Nose

By Vatsala Radhakeesoon

As Mr. Jologg was getting ready for a date
He was hooked by some twist of fate
In the centre  of his face
waved a red satin heart
all flappy and as soft as petal
“Oh my nose!
Where is my nose?”
He shouted
Hastily he cancelled his date
He called some healthcare modernists
He called some traditional  apothecaries
They prescribed him capsules
They prescribed him potions
Some even prescribed him songs
and some even pyramid- shaped canvas
He tried them all
Nothing worked
Then he jumped, jumped, jumped
on the green grassy hill
He ran, ran, ran
across the Antelope-fields
But nothing worked
Lost in despair, he called Vanilla –
his girlfriend,
the nurse with  sunflower smile
“There’s no curse, Jologg”
She assured,
“Go on , take this,
Sniff, sniff,
Breathe in”

As he did what she said
black and white pepper
swirled magically
A roman nose settled in


“Oh, my nose! My nose!”
he exclaimed overjoyed
“ It is back but never forget
Watch out!
That trickster! The nose!”

Vatsala Radhakeesoon, born in Mauritius in 1977, is the author of 11 poetry books, including Tropical Temporariness (Transcendent Zero Press, USA, 2019),  Whirl the Colours (Gibbon Moon Books UK/Kenya, 2020) and नीली हंसिनी के गाने – Songs of the Blue Swan (Bilingual Hindi -English, Gloomy Seahorse Press, UK/Kenya,2020). She is one of the representatives of Immagine and Poesia, an Italy based literary movement uniting artists and poets’ works. She currently lives at Rose-Hill and is a literary translator, interviewer and artist.



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