Running down the road…

By Anjali V Raj

I often run down the steep narrow road

Connecting the concrete outer world

To my sweet haven, hidden safe inside the

Earthen bowl painted with green elaborate designs.

I go up with joy as I run down this slope

With the wind ticking my loose hair

As it bids me adieu while rushing upwards,

And the blushing sun secretly peeking at me

Through the fine cracks between the canopies.

I feel the excitement even in my breath

As I float in the air for nano seconds

With my heart beat rising at an elated pace

Jumping up and down cheering me with joy.

I run down this uneven rigid path

Unsure of my each step on the ground

I might make my stiff perfect landing

Or I might trip and fall hurting myself

Yet I don’t fear for I am enthralled

I enjoy this silly risk I am taking

In this predesigned life I claim to be mine

Besides I am closer now, to my sanctuary.

Finally, down and down I go till I suddenly stop

Yes it is my home, I see my safe haven

Waiting with its familiar pleasant smell and

Warm welcoming smile as it senses my arrival

And I go inside leaving my insecurities behind.


Anjali V Raj is a natural science researcher from Kerala, India. She currently works as a research assistant at ATREE, an Environmental think tank in Bangalore. She writes poems and short essays based on her thoughts cultivated from observations of nature, lifestyle and society. She started literary writing at the age of 16 and recently she has published few of her works in the Down to Earth, Café Dissensus Everyday, Borderless Journal and Times of India Reader’s Blog. Most of her poems are published in her personal blog in WordPress (Outburst of Thoughts).



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