Poems of Hurt

By Sonya J Nair

Slow burn.
A screw  	
coiling, coiling, coiling 
A watch  
 	wound, wound, wound 
A screw to the heart  
 	wōund, wōund, wōund 
the sound of acid pumping 
 	a spring 		a snap  
 	 	 	recoil 	 	 			recoiling  	

The day you died, I forgot
— to fret over the numbness that resided
at the tip of my left little toe.
— and how annoyed I had been
 with you for refusing to believe 
the existence of
such a mustard seed of an anomaly.

"Totally in the extreme," you howled,
while I contemplated blue murder.
— how I once woke to find you 
nibbling away at my hypothesis, 
your face impishly inching closer, 
making me want to love you
in ten shades of tangibility.

It was only by night,
after they had buried you,
that I wondered — if
loss could send feeling
flooding into frozen digits —
the cascades of pain, a twinge?
the keening in my soul, a twitch?

I touched the spot.
Still cold.
As cold as you had gone.

Sonya J. Nair is the editor of She is working on her first collection of poems. She has been published in the Shimmer Spring Anthology and Rewriting Human Imagination- an anthology published by IASE and the Centre for Digital Humanities.

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