Noh Ka Likai

By Shakti Pada Mukhopadhyay

Noh Ka Likai: Photo Courtesy; Wiki

Noh Ka Likai*

The enraged splashes of the cascade,

surrounded by eerie ghost vales,

echoed through the hills

and Sal and Pine trees,

roaring down a thousand feet,

through their milky ways

along escarpment.

Looked foggy, like holy spirits

thrashing to effervescence

and unspooling forever,

reminding us of the sad demise of

Likai’s infant daughter.


A legendary dame of the hills, Likai,

jumped from the cliff to end her life,

since her second husband killed her earlier daughter

 in envy and plotted to let her devour

ignorant that it was the flesh of her own daughter.

The hills failed to catch her

before she fell, without a break,

succumbing to the summons of gravity.

Since then the hills are in tears

and the falls run down the cheeks.

We, on a tour, could correlate the tragedy of Likai

with that of King Oedipus, who, after killing his father

and marrying his own mother unwittingly,

pierced two gold pins in his own eyes

and later died in exile. His mother

hanged herself to death. Oedipus Rex

ended with the chorus wailing,   

‘Count no man happy till he dies, free of pain at last’.

But I closed my wife for a peck,

to swab her weeping rains, soothing all the pains.


*Noh Ka Likai, is a beautiful waterfall of Meghalaya, India. The words “Noh Ka Likai” literally mean “jump of Ka Likai”,where Ka is prefixed to name a female personality in Meghalaya.

Shakti Pada Mukhopadhyay, MA( English), writes poetry and prose. A lyrical drama written  by him has been staged. He enjoys acting, singing, travelling and reading books.



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