From Canada to India…

Poems by Sangeeta Sharma

The Song of Toronto lake

Raging waters in the lake

Sapphire, black, jade

On the ferry with a backpack

Waves rolling forth and back

Sparkling sunshine reflects

Staring through the waves you feel

It’s not the water but the skies

And millions of twinkling stars

In the waters

Where the earth and the sky meet

Expanse covered with a golden garment

Rolling waves, unbridled

Like a resplendent bright sheet

Spread over the translucent waters

The spray of the icy water

And unpolluted air

Break your trance!

Shevantis (Chrysanthemums)

It was a kind of cloudburst

A rainstorm

Creating flood-like situation

Orange-alert sounded

Rail tracks and highways


People preferring indoors


The impoverished girl: frail and pale-faced

Shivering and completely-drenched

 Bare-feet waded

Towards the traffic jammed

Shook the bunch of wet beautiful blooming shevantis

Before the halting motorists at the red signal

Of a Mumbai-highway

My heart cringed at the pathetic sight

And I heard a voice within me:

“Can beggars be choosers?”

Monsoon and the Lockdown

Incessantly, the heavens poured

The young bride who had entered the new threshold

With dreams rainbow,

Felt stifled,

By the humdrum of the lockdown, deadened

For four months and more.

She drew the curtains of the French-windows

To let the thunderous rain droplets,

Sprinkle on her façe: yearning and dry

For every drop cool

Drenched her body and soul

To the core

And infused in her life manifold!

Dr. Sangeeta Sharma, a senior academician, is a widely published critic, poet and writer. In 2012, she authored a book on Arthur Miller and another a collection of 76 poems in 2017. She has jointly edited five anthologies on poetry, fiction and criticism and two workbooks on Communication. A free-lance journalist, she is also a Ph.D Guide appointed by the University of Mumbai. One of her books is also listed as a reference in the department of English, Clayton State University, USA.



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