Sundog and more

By Dr Ajanta Paul

The Sun Dog

The sunlight lay sprawled on the ground

Like a dog with its forelegs out

Panting slightly, with the respiring breeze

Gently altering its shape.

Trampled beneath a thousand trudging feet

It somehow remained complete,

As somewhere deep in its molecular marrow

It clung to the faint memory

Of its cosmic source

With its all-consuming heat.

And its own skipping, slipping descent

Down the spatial gradient

To flop down

On that patch of ground

To rest at last,

Before it’s ancestral measure

Changed at whim 

Cutting short its leisure

Banishing it to another clime.


A Passing Wish

I know you don’t care for me

Anymore than I do for myself.

It’s not funny


As I contend 

With life’s paltry patrimony.

Yet somewhere in the crude funfair


Of taxicab rides and tramcar jaunts,

Between exigency and etiquette,

And the tossed reach of the trawling net,


The thought rises and haunts

Me that I perhaps have had

More than my share


Of ups and downs

Crinkled up in history’s frowns

And now could do


With a level playing field,

My own and buoyant trampoline

Where with childish glee


I may forget my pains

And be forever free!


Dr. Ajanta Paul is an academician, administrator, critic, poet and author, currently Principal & Professor of English at Women’s Christian College, Kolkata, India. She has published several books of criticism and imaginative literature including The Elixir Maker and Other Stories (Authorspress, 2019). Dr. Paul has been featured in print magazines and online journals including Youth Times, The Telegraph Colour Magazine, The Statesman, The Bengal Post, Setu Bilingual Journal, Teesta Review: A Journal of Poetry, Millennium Post, Indulge Express, Indiablooms, Transworld Features and Magic Diary Initiative.



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