By Prof Dr Laksmisree Banerjee

Laksmisree Banerjee

Our tears have washed the Tricolour, intensified the ruddy blaze
Of rocks, rivers and streaming veins
                        With our white now gone stained and colourless
Our green has crossed mountains of flinty black pathos ------:
Vijay-Divas, our conquering day with no souls conquered,
Flags off or does it, to a better day perhaps!
The hills of Kargil touch the skies with tired hands,
With fingers gnarled, stony and eternally skeletal,
The summits weep with entrenched virulence in their wombs,
The azure mirrors the red fierce, gushing bruised wounds.
Cannons piercing the fluttering silenced throttled blue 
With the darkness of bloodstains gone dry, acidic.
Kargil and the martyrs, who sleep endlessly
On its forsaken beds of history waning into nothingness,
Our weeping songs praise their heights and heroism
With the blank stupor of choked voices, 
Damp hearts, with cascades of flowing tears and hues, 
In frail dreams of re-births, of possibilities or no hope.
We hear and speak the lessons of life in languor,
Of terror and trauma recycled forever,
                        With a soulful yearning for peace, that moment of the flower
Yet drowned deep in the ceaseless waves of love 
Perhaps, just perhaps, in the centuries to come,
We may return with the flying doves, to hold hands once more.


This poem was first published in Peahen Passions (Author’s Press) in 2013

Prof. Dr. Laksmisree Banerjee, a Poet-Professor, a Scholar-Vocalist, has been widely published and anthologised across continents. She is a Sr. Fulbright (USA) and Commonwealth Scholar (UK) and a National Scholar and Gold Medalist of the University of Calcutta. An Ex-Vice Chancellor and University Professor of English and Culture Studies, she has Five Books of Poetry with One Hundred Twenty Research Publications, two Academic Books on Romantic and World Women Poetry, her focal areas of specialization. A Rotarian & Multiple Paul Harris Fellow, she is the Indian Rashtrapati’s Nominee on Boards of Central Universities. She has lectured and recited her Indian-English Poetry and Vocal Indian Music in premier Universities, Literary Festivals and Conferences across the globe.



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