Humour Poetry

A Malaprop Poem

By Sudeshna Mukherjee

Panda Meek Thyme

These err panda meek thyme

Wee err told two men ten distancing

They halve named eat sow shall distancing

On top of that ewe halve two ware a masque

Cove erring ewer knows and moth

They don’t no eat ease so stuffy

Bee sides how doe ewe speak

Eat ease an air borne vile us

Eye tail ewe the men problem is vile us

Any dis ease ease bee cause of vile us

Awl medical journals will tale ewe

How problematic these err

However cumming back two these panda mow nium panda meek

Please ewe halve two bee care fool

Ewe halve two continuously wash ewer hinds

Do ewe no the vile us stays on the sir faces for men ee ours

Eat ease con stuntly mutating

Such terrible thymes

Won knaver thought won wood sea

Total lock stock barrel down

Echo nomy ease bearish

The curve deeping down

Peepal are beeing layed off

Eye mean given the pink sleep

Busy Ness has gone bust

My grants halve faced sow many problems

Eff this ease knot bio illogical war fair

Then tail me what ease

There err men ee phases toe eat

Eye bee leave wee err entering the third stage

Sum err saying there ease come new tea spread

Oh God ! How dose won pro text won self

Eye really prey that wee can go back two hour olden daze

Fool off fun and fro lick vacay shunning

Butt eye no wee halve two leave width this vile us 

The knead of the our ease two re men qualm

Buoy oh buoy then halve the bottle ease one

The other halve ease two stay positive

Eye yam sure we can concur this thyme and say ” This two shall passé


Sudeshna Mukherjee‘s poems and stories deal with varied human nature. A keen observer she chronicles the happenings around her and writes with a tinge of humour. “Meanderings of the Mind “and “Mélange” are her published collections of poems. Her works have been published in many national and international anthologies and e-zines. She is the recipient of the “Golden Vase ” award for her humorous/satirical writings.



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