Resurrection & more…


By Aneek Chatterjee


Some issues are so puzzling …


Often I ask myself, where does the

mind stay …

In the brain, the heart or the eyes

or in the thin layer of the skin

when a touch ignites

irresistible passion


and I get more confused … 


When I look up, clouds

paint me words, images,

I lost in a forest of bricks 

of dingy bylanes; 

in the asphalt of avenues,

smell of markets. 

Clouds, white, black or sepia

hold me inside, and I float … 


I float and finally

descend down on

the skin of narrow bylanes 

And avenues;

in the heart of the city center,

And discover me there


Fresh as ever


About Time & Pride                                        

Sometimes I’m ahead

of the time I yearn to be.


The magical night laughed at me

I was at the airport, and the next

flight to Nice was in the morning,

eleven hours later. 

I didn’t know how I beat time

when I slept on the floor,

with my cabin bag as pillow and

my left hand inside the strap,

as if it contained hundred

years’ of accumulated wisdom.

I didn’t know how I beat time

and possible cheaters. 

A little drunk

and the night passed in a whimper,

aimed at transborder 



In the morning, I found

my bag open, and some coins

and papers on the floor.

I picked up all and realised

these actually escaped

my powerful pocket.

I searched for my toothbrush 

and saw in the electronic board that

my dream had left for Nice.


Howled at the beginning and

then laughed, pitied me and time

lazily at the washroom,

always my best bunker;

and waited for the next flight

eight hours later.


I’m still ahead of my time,

yearned pride & dream.


 Aneek Chatterjee is a poet and academic from Kolkata, India. He has been published in reputed literary magazines and poetry anthologies across the globe. His recent credits are:  Chiron Review, Shot Glass Journal, The Stray Branch, Chicago Record, Ann Arbor Review, Dissident Voice, Café Dissensus, Setu, Ethos Literay Journal, New Asian Writing, Pangolin Review, Montreal Writes, Mark Literary Review etc. He authored two poetry collections named “Seaside Myopia” & “Unborn Poems and Yellow Prison”.  Chatterjee has a ph.d. in International Relations; and has been teaching in leading Indian and foreign universities.



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