Will There Be?

 By Amrita Saikia

I sat listening to the tap tapping of the raindrops,

And the blissful sound of the wild mountain stream,

I smelled the pure and pristine air of the valley,

Laden with the sweet scent of orchids,

The ones blooming near the lush green fields.


The golden rays of the splendid sun in the skies,

Battled their way through the magnificent clouds,

Victoriously, they landed on the bosom of mother earth,

Illuminating the raindrops on the blades of green grass,

And transforming them into thousand twinkling stars.


A cuckoo was perched on a branch of the mango tree,

Crooning a soulful melodious tune with glee,

As the sound of the song reverberated in the skies,

And in the faraway mountains standing gloriously tall,

My heart skipped with a feeling of inexplicable joy.


Alas! These are the memories of the bygone days,

The once sapphire skies now wear a veil of gloom,

The breeze no longer brings tales of sheer bliss,

Only helpless cries from a distance,

Cries that send a shiver down the spine.

The gory violence swept away their homes,

And snatched away their loved ones,

They throng the camps in masses now,

And spend restless days and sleepless nights,

In anticipation of better days to arrive.


Their innocent faces wear a look of aghast,

They have doleful eyes and deeply scarred hearts,

They have little food to fill their famished stomachs,

They have little drug to cure their deep wounds,

All they have are prayers to soothe their tormented minds.


My heart bleeds for the helpless people,

And at the plight of my incredibly beautiful land,

Will there be peace and harmony again?

Will songs of love and unity echo in the mountains?

These few questions disturb me again and again.


Amrita Saika is a PhD student at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. She is passionate about writing and pens down poems and short stories every now and then. Her writings are inspired by events that transpire around her. Her short story titled ‘The Unspoken Truth’ was published in New Asian Writing Online Asian Literary Community in 2014 ( In 2012, her first short story was selected for an anthology published by MSN and Random House.


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