At Arms Length

By Vandana Kumar

It felt like another eon

This surely wasn’t our century

Plagued by something

As evil as the bubonic


No heroes to the rescue

No masks to fall from the skies

Stay away from human touch

We were told


Just as well

We got accustomed 

Adding virtual friends

Boredom in the air

That we filled

With cyber sex


Within your home

A parent who sneezed

A spouse who gasped for breathe

A child with raging fever


All were enemies

Of each other

And of state


Maybe a good thing to stay

At arm’s length

To avoid gathering in large numbers

God knows the world

Needed a break

From those assembling

With hate

Armed with matchsticks

Some fuel

And hand grenades

Vandana Kumar is a bon vivant who loves travelling, working with young minds and exploring possibilities beyond the ordinary. She contributes poems regularly to online publications like ‘Narrow Roads’ and ‘Our Poetry Archive’. Her poems have featured in the ‘Emerald Hues’ and ‘GloMag’ anthologies. She has also been published in international journals like Toronto based ‘Scarlet Leaf Review’ and Philadelphia based “North of Oxford”. In addition she has been published in poetry websites like New York City based ‘Spillwords Press’ and UK based ‘Destiny Poets’. One of her poems was shortlisted and published by the “All India Poetry Society” as a part of the All India 2017 poetry competition.

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