The Mythology of Gyres

By Anjana Basu

Abhimanyu Or The Mythology of Gyres

Like a circle in a spiral

like a wheel within a half heard song

from a womb

my father talking strategy to my yawning mother

and the son seed within her

tales of gyres and labyrinths spinning

on a needle point

clockwise twice pause twice more

then counterbalance

two slashes discus on needlepoint if not finger

and then? this work will set you free

but mein fuhrer father

from this spinning heart of fury

gas seeps slow creeping through my veins

till the light dims into a moon

and my life runs rings around it

this work will set you free

mother tell me the end of it

my father’s voice silenced by sleep or a kiss

you were bored and I the seed

plucked before I could bud

the fluid holding me spinning me

lullaby rhyme

counter clockwise twice and then

the clock’s hands spinning in a mad race

to holocaust time

suicide bomber detonated at sixteen

by an unfinished story

nothing sets you free



the wild creature formed from night and blood and the pale gleam of stars edged with steel a whirlwind of darkness darker hair and a tale of lolling tongue as destruction spirals into a force and form not woman at all or a she shaped before the elements known to the night stalkers plea of mother ending in a whimper  the calm I cannot find within the storm



Anjana Basu is a writer based in Calcutta, India. She has 9 novels, a book of short stories and two anthologies of poetry to her credit. Her byline has appeared in Vogue India, Conde Nast Traveller India, and Outlook Traveller.

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