Unconditional Thread & more…

By Vatsala RadhaKeesoon

Unconditional Thread

Born from 
the Divine’s golden thread
Molded with 
perfection, purity and grace
I’m the invisible heart – 
the unconditional thread
ruling the universe

I’m soft
I’m generous
I’m not from 
the Mundane
the materialistic world
the uncanny competitive rules 

I’m omnipresent
but recognized, seen
only by the unadulterated

I, Unconditional Thread
survive in immortal realms
and go on whispering
in every ear
“ Love, love and love
discarding mental blocks
and embracing spontaneity.”

Reflections upon Covid-19

In the 21st century
When Humankind has been boasting to be invincible,
When wise poets have been considered to be insane ,
When genuine spirituality has been eclipsed by fake sweet talkers,
When books have been replaced
by shallow petty talks ,
Who had ever predicted
A deadening virus would put the life
of each and everyone at stake- rich, middle class and poor on the same plane?

In the 21 century
When Humankind has been at the apex of busy-ness,
When only money has been the King,
When even doctors have been taken for granted for their poise in voice ,
Who had ever predicted
that no human being would be sure
to see a new dawn?

In the century of robot- like human beings,
When 24 hours a day doesn't even seem enough time,
when basic manners have become dumb,
Who had ever predicted lockdowns
in states, countries and across borders?

Suddenly a global" Halt" screams,
Unfortunately some are compelled to die,
 Luckily some fight for their own breath,
Some save others' lives

Wake up Human Race!
The global picture is dim, 
But the wheel of Karma keeps turning,
Don't curse God as he is dropping harsh hints ,
The saviors of the world are at work ,
Safety measures, Medicine, and Meditation in align -
all on one plane
are the key factors ,
Grab the signs!
Be self- disciplined!
Together we will all win this scary battle.

Excerpted from Unconditonal Thread , Alien Buddha Press, USA (2019)

First published in Le Defi, Mauritius, April 2020

Vatsala Radhakeesoon was born in Mauritius in 1977. She is the author of 8 poetry books  including When Solitude Speaks (Ministry of Arts and Culture Mauritius, 2013), Unconditional Thread ( Alien Buddha Press, USA,2019), and Tropical Temporariness (Transcendent Zero Press, USA, 2019). She is one of the representatives of Immagine and Poesia, an Italy based literary movement uniting artists and poets’ works. She has been selected as one of the poets for Guido Gozzano Poetry contest from 2016 to 2019.  Vatsala currently lives at Rose-Hill and is a    literary translator, interviewer and artist.

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